Is it worth doing a loft conversion?

A loft conversion is permitted development and does not require you to apply for planning permission. It is because this type of renovation or space conversion does not affect your neighbours or the environment. 

That’s why the UK government has issued planning permission to authorize such projects. The question is: Should you perform a loft conversion project? Is it worth your investment? Let us answer these questions by highlighting the benefits of a loft conversion project. 

Affordability and Reliability 

The cost of properties in the UK is high, and it is challenging for most first-time homebuyers to get on the property ladder. It is also difficult for young families to upsize. University students are burdened with debts, and many of them return home to their parents. 

Because there is an increasing need for families in the UK to create a living space in their home at the most affordable costs, a loft conversion project is affordable, allowing you to achieve your goals. 

According to loft conversion experts; Loftify, It is fast less expensive to convert your loft than purchasing a new home. You can also renovate the loft with plumbing, electrical wiring, and running water. Lofts make ideal bedrooms, particularly with ensuite bathrooms. 

Higher Energy Efficiency Levels 

Although you will spend some money to insulate your loft, it is worth your investment because an insulated loft leads to higher energy efficiency levels in your home. Research shows that about 25% of heat is lost through the roof. 

So, you can cut down on your energy build by insulating your loft. Remember, professionally installed loft insulation will improve your home’s energy efficiency, leading to reduced energy bills every month. Besides, a loft conversion project enhances the natural heating and cooling system of your house. 

Increased Property Value 

Adding another to your house increases your home value. However, it must meet building regulations to qualify as an extra room in your house. In addition, sliding a metal ladder through a ceiling hole does not qualify as an additional room even if you hang curtains and install wallpaper. Anyway, research shows that an adequately converted loft can increase your home value by 20%. 

Rent it out 

You can legally rent out a properly converted loft as an attic room. If your loft is spacious enough, you can rent it out as a studio. Because the living costs in the UK, especially in metropolitan areas, are on the rise, most homeowners rent homes instead of buying their own property. So, they also offer a spare room to tenants, allowing them to give a roof over their heads and earn some extra cash. 

Final Words 

A loft conversion project offers a wide range of benefits. For instance, your house is less exposed to environmental elements, and there is no inconvenience to your neighbours and traffic. It also provides usable storage space to the eaves of the roof. Lastly, a loft conversion is an excellent way to achieve good insulation levels. So, yes, it is worth your investment.