San Juan’s Mayor Claims The Trumpster Still Holding PRs Relief Money

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Iran proved the country hates Trump but doesn’t want to go to war with the United States. Iranian missiles slammed into two Iraqi military bases to let Mr. Trump know Iran’s ready to rumble. Khomeini planned the attack to avoid casualties. The Supreme leader wanted to show Trump he’s not afraid to toe-to-toe with him if that’s what the Trumpster wants to do.

Some analysts say there’s a method to Iran’s moderate revenge move. Foreign Minister Zarif told the press Iran’s mission is to remove America’s presence in the Middle East. How they will do that is still a mystery. But through cyberattacks, militia under-the-radar-missions against U.S. sites, and with the help of Trump’s emotional instability, that mission is in Allah’s arms, according to Khomeini.

Kentucky’s Senator Rand Paul thought Trump’s drone attack was the end of diplomacy in the Middle East. Iran knows Trump doesn’t want to talk about a peaceful solution to restart the abandoned 2015 nuclear agreement. Iran told Europe they had enough of Trump’s nuclear agreement ass-kicking, so they’re out as far as promising to keep a lid on their uranium enrichment capabilities.

Senator Rand knew when Trump pulled the plug on the nuclear agreement in 2018, his hope that peace was on its way went south. After Iran signed that agreement raids in Iraqi almost stopped, and Hezbollah didn’t rattle Ben Netanyahu’s Israel too much. But once Trump gave Iran the screw-you-finger, the drone downing by Iran, and the expanding debacle in Strait of Hormuz became a big part of the press loop.

Trump sent troops and warships to the region, and Bolton was still in place to rattle Iran’s nerves. Mr. Trump lost it when the U.S. Embassy in Iraqi got trashed and burned by groups with Iranian connections. The Trumpster went off the rails when he saw the Fox News report on the embassy-screwing, so he decided he would take the most extreme retaliatory option Esper gave him and drone-fry Iran’s hero and Khomeini’s homey.

When Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz felt the 6.4 earthquake, she hoped the Trumpster would help Puerto Rico this time. PR hasn’t received all the relief money from the 2017 hurricane damage. Yulín Cruz called Trump a dick for turning his back on millions of American citizens. The mayor knows dealing with Trump won’t be a pleasant experience. Mr. Trump claims Mayor Yulín Cruz is a loser.

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