Rudy Wants SCOTUS To Throw Out Trump’s Impeachment

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The Queen had to send her favorite son to time-out for being part of the Epstein fiasco. Prince Andrew tried to defend himself during a BBC interview, but he acted like a dick. It was clear Andrew didn’t come clean during the interview. Andrew likes to dabble on the dark sexual side and jet-set around the world with Epstein, so Andrew went underground until the Epstein heat dies down.

Queen Elizabeth faces another family crisis now that Prince Harry and his American wife Meghan Markle want to get out of the royal circus and live like normal millionaires. Meghan doesn’t like the British press, and she not the royal family’s type. The Queen even took Harry and Meghan’s picture off her desk when she poised for her yearly holiday photo last year.

Prince Harry liked to rail about his royal blood. Some reports claim Harry knew he would never be king, so he decided to act like a commoner and marry one. Meghan’s family issues irritated the Royals, and Meghan’s father didn’t help matters by acting like a peasant instead of the father of a duchess.

Harry and Meghan want to live in the U.K. part of the year and live in a home in Canada or the states so Meghan can be with her friends. But the Queen thinks Harry needs to stop acting like a brat and keep his royal robes on even though Meghan can’t stand the attention that comes with being part of her wealthy family.

Trump went to Ohio to kick off his 2020 rally rants. He didn’t disappoint the crowd when he told his loyal Trumpians he saved America when he drone-fried Iran’s top general. Mr. Trump gave the order after playing golf with Lindsey Graham. The Pentagon gave him other options to teach Iran a lesson for burning parts of the U.S. Embassy, but he chose the drone attack. He didn’t tell Congress about his plan to erase the terrorist because he didn’t have a legitimate excuse to commit an act of war.

Mr. Trump told the press he doesn’t care if Bolton testifies, but he’ll use his phony executive privilege card so Bolton can’t tell Congress all he knows about the Zelensky screwing.

Giuliani wants the Supreme Court to chime in and throw Trump’s impeachment out the political window. Rudy still thinks people listen to his legal double-talk and off the wall statements. Rudy has the law breathing down his neck for several alleged crimes. But the Rudster claims he Trump’s personal lawyer, so he’s above the law too.

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