Political Opinion Piece Regarding Assassination Of Iranian General

Qasem Soleimani

There is a political opinion piece on the CNN website where several experts on military affairs and international relations give their opinions about the recent assassination of Iranian genera Qasem Soleimani on the orders of United States president Donald Trump. The opinions express range from cautious optimism that the event will have a positive effect on peace in the Middle East to alarm that a war between the United States and Iran is imminent.

Christiane Amanpour

Journalist Chritiane Amanpour believes that the nature of Iran’s expected counterattack on the United States will be determined by how angry its citizens are about the assassination of the domestically popular general. Currently, there are angry demonstrations in the streets of Iran against the United States, but it is unclear if this momentum for revenge will be sustained.

Frida Ghitis

World affairs expert Frida Ghitis starts off by pointing out that General Soleimani has been a major thorn in the side of the United States for years and notes that previous United States presidents have considered assassinating him. Therefore, she sees his assassination as being a good thing for both the Middle East and the United States. Having said that, she believes that the Trump administration has no coherent strategy and acted impulsively with little understanding of the consequences of their actions. She also expresses concern that Trump has purged his own State Department of many experts on the Middle East who would be useful at the current time.

Aaron David Miller

Middle East analyst Aaron David Miller also expresses concern that the assassination was impulsive and may not have the desired effect given the lack of a larger overall strategy towards Iran from the Trump administration. He says that, ironically, while the assassination was ordered to make Americans living and working in the Middle East safer, so far it has had the opposite effect.

He believes that violent retaliation by Iran is inevitable and that it will likely occur in Iraq because the United States is in a position in that country that is difficult to defend. Essentially, Iran will be playing on their home field and the United States will not be able to see everything that is coming at them. He also says that, while Donald Trump has said that the assassination was a defensive operation to stop imminent attacks, no evidence has been shown.

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