Iran Never Won A War But Never Lost A Negotiation According To The Trumpster

Iran, President Trump

Lindsey Graham and Kevin McCarthy told the press Trump did the right thing when he gave the order to take out Iran’s top military leader. Mitch McConnell stood in front of the Senate and gave the senators a mouthful of Trumpism just to appease the president. But the Democrats keep asking “did Trump takeout the general to deflect attention away from his impeachment?” U.S. intelligence had eyes on Soleimani every move for years, so the timing of his demise seems politically motivated.

The roaring stock market took a major hit when the Soleimani incident hit the press. Oil prices jumped four percent, and the price of gold jumped. A Goldman Sachs report claimed the U.S. economy was almost recession-proof until Trump sent Iran’s military leader to the afterlife. But now that Iran has revenge on its mind, the global, as well as the U.S. economy, will suffer.

North Korea’s OCD leader also wants to rumble with Trump. The Iranians plan to use cyberattacks and hit U.S. assets in the Middle East to let Trump know he started a war, he didn’t prevent one. Mr. Trump’s half-baked excuse for turning Iran into a nest of killer bees was Soleimani planned to start new military operations in Iraq, Lebanon, and other places in the Middle East to show Trump they can hit him where it hurts. Mr. Trump told the press Iran never won a war, but never lost a negotiation. That statement was another Trumpian lie to justify what Pelosi called “illegal military action.”

Kim Jon Un will use a different approach to teach Trump a lesson. Kim likes to threaten Japan and South Korea. Some analysts think Kim could load a nuclear warhead on one of his missiles and turn those Asian nations into dust. Kim knows he can’t trust the Trumpster to remove the sanctions, so he wants to disrupt his part of the world to teach the Trumpster he can’t con a tyrannical conman.

Mitch McConnell told Pelosi he won’t call witnesses at the impeachment trial because he might not hold a trial. Mitch said the impeachment ball is in his court, and he might give the president a pass without a trial.

But Chuck Schumer continues to apply pressure to the Republicans who stand behind the president. Schumer claims Mike Duffey’s OMB email to the Pentagon proves Mr. Trump withheld Ukraine’s military aid until the whistleblower threw a monkey wrench in his plan to get Zelensky to throw conspiracy dirt at Biden and his son, Hunter.

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