Comey Calls The Trumpster A Shrunken Withered Old Man in His Latest Op-Ed

President D. Trump, President Donald J. Trump, President Donald Trump

The Chinese plan to come back to Washington to sign the phase one deal on January 3rd. Mr. Trump wants to add drama to the signing by meeting with President Xi after this follow up meeting. The Chinese didn’t say much about the phase one terms. Several Chinese scholars claim China will change the terms of phase one before President Xi meets Trump.

The European Union named a new trade commissioner after Trump threatened to tariff France silly for imposing a tax on big U.S. corporations that make millions selling products in France. Plus, Europe wants the steel and aluminum tariffs to end. Those tariffs hurt the European auto industry as well as other manufacturing entities. Irishman Phil Hogan plans to sit down with Bob Lighthizer in January to bitch about Trump’s tariff-screwing.

North Korea’s Kim Jon Un met with his military generals for a photo-op to show the Trumpster he might missile-screw Japan and South Korea unless he gets sanction relief. China and Russia want some North Korean sanctions lifted even though Kim has an arsenal of nukes ready to blow Japan and South Korea off the planet. But Trump told the press Kim knows he will missile-fry him and his white horse if he steps out of line.

The impeachment tension keeps escalating even though Congress and Trump are not in Washington. Mr. Trump’s raw nerve got a lot of Twitter action while he played golf in Florida. The Trumpster decided to retweet the name of the alleged whistleblower even though Princess Ivanka told her dad that was a stupid move. Ivanka told the press she might stay home with the kids if Trump wins in 2020. Ivanka has her own issues to deal with after pulling a few mobster moves she learned from the Trumpster over the years. Plus, Jared will still be around to give the Trumpster a hand raking in the money that flows through the Trumpian swamp and into the president’s chain of business bank accounts.

James Comey decided he would give Trump another op-ed bashing after the Horowitz report cleared him from any wrongdoing when he put FBI agents on Trump’s tail in 2016. Comey called the Trumpster a shrunken, withered old cot who needs to wear an orange jumpsuit. Comey plans to continue to fight to remove Trump from office even though Bill Barr still wants to prove Comey and other FBI agents broke the law when they found out Trump was in bed with Putin in 2016.

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