WineShop At Home Tasting Are Ideal Places To Find Just The Right Gift

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WineShop At Home lets fun-loving people host a wine tasting at their home with a company consultant. Hosts supply some cheese and crackers, up to 16 guests and chill the wine. In return, hosts receive a free bottle of wine and discounts and credits toward exclusive wine and accessories. Hosts can choose from five samplers, all $39.95, which will delight guests. The tasting kit has five full-size bottles of wine, plus the host’s free bottle, so that’s six bottles total for $39.95. It is a real bargain for the host who wants to have friends over for a wine tasting, plus there’s an expert on hand.

WineShop At Home also sell a wide variety of wines, gift sets and personalized wines so corporations can design their own labels for gift-giving. There are Cabernets, Chardonnays, Merlots and more. Personalized wines are also ideal for weddings. Customers can also join the Wine Club which allows them to save money and enjoy exclusive deals on one-of-a-kind artisan wines.

People, even those without any wine experience, can become independent wine consultants and earn money holding wine tastings in host’s homes. It’s easy because the sampler ships to the host, who pours while the consultant talks about the wine. WineShop At Home ships the wine to guests who place orders so there’s no inventory to stock. Many people start out in the direct selling business hoping to make extra money, but there are individuals who have found they love educating others about wine at fun tastings and they decide to make it their full-time career.

It doesn’t matter if a person’s only experience with wine is drinking it; the company gives consultants everything they need to succeed. The WineShop At Home Business Kit has training materials and everything else consultants need to get started. There’s no high initial investment like there is with many direct selling companies and the product practically sells itself. Many people buy wine either for themselves or as a hostess gift. Sales pick up around the holidays as people see artisan wine as an excellent gift. They don’t have to worry about going into a wine store and worrying about what type of wine to buy. Consultants excel at helping people choose a gift they are proud to give.

A tasting does not take that long, so it’s an ideal part-time income opportunity. There’s about an hour talking with the host to ensure he or she picks the right nibbles to go with the wine they selected and time spent entering orders besides the actual tasting. There’s no inventory to deliver; the company ships everything from their headquarters in Napa Valley, California. Hosts buy the wine so consultants don’t have to worry about putting out the money for a tasting and only one or two people actually show up.

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