Veljko Paunovic Is A Distinguished Star In The World Football

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Veljko Paunovic is a Serbian footballer. He is among the most famous players in his nation. Currently, he is the head coach of the Chicago Fire Soccer Club, an American Football Club. He is lauded for his incredible attacking unit from way back, when he was playing for his team. Veljko Paunovic was an assigned attacking midfielder but also performed as the striker. His incredible skills as a footballer forced him to leave F.Y.R.O. Macedonia, his home country, and moved to Spain at a tender age.

On becoming a Spanish, he had a personal coach who trained and tasked him to represent approximately ten local clubs. He was able to play for over 200 La Liga matches with 38 goals. Veljko played 11 seasons and managed to create a strong bond with the Atletico Madrid. Besides playing for Spain and F.Y.R.O. Macedonia, Veljko was also invited by other European and North American football clubs to represent their clubs. He had initially played for the Americans, German, and Russian teams. Veljko was grateful to represent these nations and had fun playing against their opponents. He also proved to all countries that accepted him as a guest that his moves are accurate and will earn them score(s).

Veljko Paunovic ventured into a football career at seven years of age. He joined a local club by the name F.K. Partizan and trained extensively to become among their core players. When scouts discovered that he had the necessary skills to play football, they invited him to Spain for training and practice to become hone his skills to expert level. Veljko had to leave his native land during summer and stay in Spain for ten years. He has been a host for many clubs and played his first game in the season from 1998 to 1999. He managed to score five goals and was able to grab the attention of many football managers who were searching for a perfect fit for their clubs.

In 2002 and 2003 season, Veljko was able to hone his skills and improved his performance scores. He was forced to stay in Germany for another game for the 2005 to 2006 season and managed to score ten goals. After being in Spain for over a decade, Veljko Paunovic emerged the winner of the 2006 Spanish passport. He signed up for the Russian team in the following and proved that he could help the team win other competitions in the future. After games, he signed a contract with his football club, Partizan.

Veljko Paunovic has a remarkable career and was later invited to the United States to represent a football club. It was then that he joined the Philadelphia Union and scored his first goal after having stayed for three years without playing. He would then participate in friendly and exhibition games, and in 2015, he became the head coach for a local club in Chicago. Veljko is married with four children. He spends most of his life with his family. He has vast experience living in various parts of the world, transformed him into a multilingual.

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