Trump’s Decision Making Worries the Military

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For months, the tension between some senior officers of the military and President Trump has been mounting. The case is now boiling after the president’s intervention in a situation where three service officers were accused of a war crime, according to CNN.

A report given by a long-serving officer of the military shows that there is a morale problem. Besides, senior officials in the Pentagon feel disturbed by the behavior of President Trump. The sporadic of the president has continued to develop fear in the Pentagon. This is a result of the contradictory decisions on several issues. For example, the abrupt pullback of US troops from Syria is among the cases raising the alarm. As if not enough, new and significant worries are currently arising from inside Trump’s administration. Multiple officers, as well as retired military veterans, note that the cases where the president intervenes in high-profile matters should not be ignored.

Change of Hanoi will Never Make its Love for Food Disappear
Hanoi keeps changing but has never forgotten its roots, particularly in world-famous food scenes. According to a statement by Richard Spencer, the Navy secretary who was fired, intervention by Trump was shocking as well as unprecedented. He continued to discuss the case as a way of the president’s misunderstanding of what it means to be a commander in chief. It’s all about fighting ethically and being governed by a given set of rules and practices.
The report by the US president further accelerated the decision-making problem when he issued the extraordinary declaration and intervened in the face of deep state opposition. Mark you, several officers in the pentagon opposed the intervention since they know it will undermine military discipline and order.

The President’s Defense over Military Pardons
There is a network is influencing Trump, and with this, the president is politicizing the military. This is happening to an institution that should be kept away from the political fray. This case is evident in the comments and interventions of the president, according to Fox News commentators.

The divisive rhetoric, as well as politicizing of the military institution is an alarming case that has not passed without military leaders noticing. The veterans express their worry on the way the president is managing things on Twitter. The mercurial style of communication could undermine national security since military planning is increasingly getting difficult. The chaos and lack of confidence are now evident after some senior officers in the US military reluctantly appeared alongside the president in a recent event. The reluctance is an issue that arises because of unease that Trump may make some political remarks in the presence of the military officers.

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