Trump Dictating Brexit Terms to Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson, Brexit

The secret is revealed. Regardless of harm and damages that the agreement might cause to the UK, Boris Johnson keeps dancing to a tune organized by Donald Trump. The promises of maintaining high standards in Britain are not good enough for the country.

The conclusions are drawn from some leaked papers that have details of UK and US trade talks by officials from both countries that have been conducted in the past three years. In the Reddit discussion website, unknown sources posted minutes of redacted versions of the conference held by leaders last Tuesday. The report shows the bullying that United States has successfully instilled on the UK. The US has forced the United Kingdom to assume the hard position in Brexit. The agreements could turn out to be good news to US businesses and Trumps games. However, such contracts will spell darkness to the British economy and welfare.

According to the papers, US officials have pushed Britain to a tough Brexit position. The United States intends to eliminate the UK from ever becoming a satellite of the European Union like Switzerland. The US continues to use the exit from negotiation as a threat in the event that the UK pushes for any position in the EU. However, the United Kingdom is bound to seek a position that will lead to an amicable exit from the European trading bloc.

Moreover, according to papers, the administration is angered by Theresa May’s promises for long-term alignments with EU standards. The treaty would stop dilution of UK food regulations that the United States is targeting to benefit from in their agribusiness. The case is seen as the worst scenario by US negotiators, who threaten to raise it to their president ahead of his United Kingdom visit. A notable change that Boris Johnson made in the Brexit deal is weakening alignments with EU standards, which implies that the US bullying succeeded. However, unlike the way economic modelling anticipated that the agreement would be suitable for the US and nothing for the UK, the United Kingdom GDP and welfare is gaining.

A smelling rat was already noted in the case where the US intended to push lower food standards in Brexit. The reason for the push was due to the superiority of US food standards over EU standards. Therefore, the only way for US businesses to increase penetration into the British market is through undermining the current regulations. The infamous chickens that are chlorine-washed were the trap for the UK. US promised to help the UK sell their concepts to the skeptical citizens of the UK.

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