Spar Nord Bank Strives To Be One Of The Best In Europe


Spar Nord strives to separate itself from the competition by offering their customers innovative digital solutions. Spar Nord Bank also recognizes the importance of developing a personal relationship with their customers. Spar Nord strives to be the most personal bank in Denmark. The bank is confident that combining the digital and physical world will help them offer solutions to any issue that a customer has. Spar Nord believes that offering personalized consulting services to their customers allows people to feel confident in their decisions.

Spar Nord offers FinTech services through Subaio and Young Money. Subaio provides customers with an overview of their subscriptions and transaction history. Young Money offers different API, Token, and Consent Services to Spar Nord bankers.


People who qualify for the Star PLUS program receive better terms while they are banking with Spar Nord. The Star PLUS Program is open to private customers who have a Spar Nord account. Star PLUS customers receive a special MasterCard, giving them access to substantial discounts as they shop online and in different stores. Star PLUS members also receive worldwide travel insurance. The policy also covers lost luggage and the Star PLUS member’s entire family. Star PLUS members are eligible to receive better terms while negotiating a personal loan, car loan, or a mortgage.

Private Banking PLUS

People who become successful investors often have the passion to set goals and reach them. Spar Nord creates solutions that allow people to keep pursuing new goals, dreams, and aspirations. Spar Nord provides security and freedom. The bank allows people to focus on what’s most important to them. Spar Nord’s banking team has several decades worth of experience consulting people on their projects.

Personal Banking Services

At Spar Nord, every customer receives a personal adviser. The adviser takes care of every financial issue and helps maximize a client’s investment opportunities. Spar Nord customers also have the opportunity to participate in some exclusive events. Customers can avoid fees related to cards, online services, payments, and currency exchanges.

Apple Pay

Spar Nord bankers can use Apple Pay in stores that are compatible with contact-less payment cards. Apple Pay allows people to shop safely around the World. Visa Dankort and MasterCard Debit are compatible with Apple Pay.


With IFTTT, banks can set up rules based on different payment transactions. Bankers can also link their accounts to Google, Facebook, Spotify, and many other services.

Contact-less Payment

Spar Nord bankers have access to several new payment solutions that make it easier to make payments on the go. Each time that someone completes a transaction using Google Pay, they receive a unique code. The card information is not stored on Google’s server. Each transaction must be verified through a smartwatch or ID. Garmin Pay allows bankers to complete transactions using regular arm movements. Fitbit does not store any credit card information on their server. Every time someone purchases something through Fitbit Pay, they receive a device specific number and a unique transaction code for each purchase. Each payment is private and secure.

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