Life In Pictures


As another year comes to a close, a compilation of some of the most heartwarming events that have been captured has been released. These are images that restore faith in humanity over the course of a year when there have been heartbreaking events ranging from severe weather across the United States to shootings that have taken place across the globe. A couple in China celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary by re-creating their wedding ceremony with the help of friends and family. People dressed in Superhero costumes surprised children in hospitals to try to bring a little cheer to what is usually a sad day.

One image released shows a man adjusting a wheelchair for a small dog so that it could use its hind legs. Peter Kaiser is shown in one picture with his dogs after he won the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race. There is also a picture of a black cat running across the field in the middle of one of the quarters of a Dallas Cowboys game. Firefighters and rescue workers across the world have battled wildfires that have left animals without homes. Images have been released showing people rescuing as many animals as possible, including a koala that was trying to seek shelter from a fire in Australia. A special image released shows a group of baby turtles making their way to the ocean as a group of children watch from the shore.

Equality was also prominent across the world as people gathered for pride festivals and celebrations to show support for diversity. There have also been numerous images released that show how people come together to celebrate equality based on weight. Several images show crowds gathering to support candidates who want to become the next President of the United States including Kamala Harris and Bernie Sanders. Numerous people also gathered during the year at rallies to encourage President Trump as he runs for another term in 2020.

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