Fifty-Five Percent Of Americans Want The Senate To Convict The Trumpster

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Mr. Trump’s hotel empire is not in great financial shape. But his office buildings in New York and San Francisco that don’t have the Trump name plastered in gold on their façade are still huge moneymakers for the Trump Organization.

Trump’s Doral Golf Club is a good example of Trump’s declining popularity. More than half of the 600-plus rooms stay empty even though Doral’s nightly room rate is less than $200 a night. Mr. Trump wanted to hold the 2020 G20 summit at Doral, but that conflict of interest didn’t fly when that news hit the press.

The health of the Trump Organization is hard to measure since the Trumpster only releases revenue figures. But his sketchy financial records show Trump’s business empire feels the pressure of his presidency.

But it’s not just the president’s business empire that has the tariff flu. Retail holiday sales increased by 3.4 percent this year thanks to an 18.8 percent increase in e-commerce sales. Last year’s holiday sales increased by 5.4 percent over 2017 holiday sales. But Mr. Trump sent out a tweet that celebrated the 3.4 percent sales increase as the biggest holiday sales increase in history. Mr. Trump continues to hide the fact consumer confidence is not that great and U.S. manufacturing is in trouble.

Chinese importers bought 2.6 million tons of soybeans in November. But China also bought 3.9 million tons from Brazil that month. Brazil’s soybean business got a shot in the arm when Trump’s tariff addiction went into overdrive. China will continue to buy soybeans and other farm products from Brazil and Argentina even though Trump claims China will buy $40 billion worth of soybeans and other products in 2020.

The president claims phase one is a done deal. Mr. Trump told the press China’s President xi will sign the deal that forces Chinese importers to buy more farm products than it ever has from the United States in January. But even though the Chinese need to sign the agreement, China’s government officials say little about the deal in public.

According to a Christmas poll, fifty-five percent of Americans think the Senate should convict the Trumpster. Only 40 percent still think Trump deserves to stay in the White House. The new poll numbers prove a lot of people who didn’t know if the Trumpster crossed the line when he tried to screw Ukraine now think the president needs to leave office.

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