Virtua Medical Group – What All Is The Non-Profit Organization About? What Services Does The Network Provide To You?

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Southern New Jersey is home to Virtua Medical Group, a subsidiary of Virtua Health. Here are a few things every potential patient of Virtua Medical Group really, really needs to know.

Benefits that Virtua Medical Group brings to the table

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Virtua Medical Group is truly based around the community

Many one-off, individual healthcare practices, organizations, and agencies, as well as their nationally-connected counterparts, claim to be oriented around the communities in which they operate. However, this isn’t always true, once such providers’ operations are investigated.

Virtua truly stays in tune with the people living across the Southern New Jersey region, as well as on a local basis all throughout the area – this even is applicable down to a neighborhood-wide basis!

VMG is an active participant in the South Jersey Health Collaborative. The purpose of this area-wide partnership is to adjust communities’ health implementation plans. This is done through focusing primarily on the health issues that are causing the most substantial detriments, or could offer substantial benefits if they were to be tinkered with, to improve the overall health of the communities that Virtua Medical Group serves at large.

The South Jersey Health Collaborative is directly related to the contemporary health of people living in Gloucester, Burlington, and Camden County, New Jersey.

When you trust Virtua Medical Group to take care of your healthcare needs, you can rest assured knowing that your provider is more than willing to record your insights via the Community Health Needs Assessment on Virtua Health’s official website. In five minutes or less, you’ll have securely, privately shared your own ideas regarding ongoing health-related trends in your area, as well as what’s been going on with your health and wellness lately, with both this non-profit organization and government agencies responsible for overseeing community health throughout New Jersey.

Take care of your healthcare needs from the comfort of your home or workplace

Although one of Virtua Medical Group’s physicians is not going to come visit you at work, and is unlikely to be approved to visit you at home – you have to be in seriously bad health to qualify for such treatmet – know that you’re able to do tons of things online through the “My Health Assessments” tool on Virtua Medical Group’s website.

Call VMG as soon as possible and ask for a Virtua Personal Health Navigator. This person can do the following:

Schedule upcoming visits with physicians and specialists.
Weave together relevant, necessary tests to go along with your appointments, saving time and energy.
Automatically create and provide you with itineraries to carry with you for each appointment, simplifying your visit to VMG physicians.
Generate automated reminders.
Sign up for relevant classes and groups that provide support for issues relevant to you.
Search for all available services through VMG, as well as offer explanations of them.

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