The Trumpster Visits Afghanistan To Take Some Military Heat Off His Big Mac Eating Butt

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North Korea’s Kim Jon Un let Trump know he wants the president to stop acting and get serious about lifting the sanctions that cripple Kim’s attempt to become a superpower with nuclear might. Trump wants to stop Kim’s attempt to become a nuclear nation and still be his friend.

Mr. Kim decided to show Mr. Trump he wants another meeting by firing two missiles at Japan. President Abe is in hot water in Japan for acting like Trump by hiding some of his mobster moves while he tries to pull Japan out of the arms of a recession.

Mr. Trump spent more than 280 days on the golf course in 2019. His golfing tab just topped $115 million, and most of that money went to the Trump Organization. Mr. Trump only golfs at clubs he owns, so all the hotel rooms, meals, and other hotel charges that his entourage and security team incur while he plays golf go into his pocket. Mr. Trump doesn’t take a yearly salary, but the amount of money he made playing golf equals hundreds of years of presidential salary.

The Chinese want to cut a phase one deal with Trump. China’s economy has Trump’s tariff flu, but it also has a mountain of consumer debt that could force China to dig into its reserves again and bail out its economy. China’s GDP growth is still in the six percent range, but excessive debt, the trade war, and a plethora of small banks closing indicate China needs to sign a trade deal sooner than later.

Mr. Trump wants China to do something about intellectual property thief. He also wants to stop Huawei from spying when the Chinese tech giant works with American tech companies. The Chinese agreed to stop some of the intellectual property thief. But the Chinese won’t give in and change the way they interact with their international corporations. In China, the government has a very close relationship with its international corporations. Mr. Trump calls that spying even though Huawei claims Trump uses that word to intimidate the company as well as force other countries to forget about its 5G business platform.

Mr. Trump made a surprise visit to Afghanistan to serve turkey to the troops as well as add a little of his Trumpian snake oil to the holiday feast. Mr. Trump’s decision to fire the Secretary of the Navy upset the military community. But Trump knows how to mend his outrageous behavior. American forces in Afghanistan got to witness a few of those Trumpster tricks while they had a Thanksgiving meal.

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