The Trumpster Brings The Prosperity Pastor Into His Circle Of Misfits

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The impeachment of Donald Trump will turn into a three-ring political circus act before a Senate trial begins. Forty-nine percent of the country thinks Trump needs to permanently move to his new permanent resident in Florida, Mar-a-Lago. But forty-seven percent of Americans don’t think impeachment is the right move for this unorthodox as well as shady president.

The Republicans still stand behind the Trumpster. According to a new poll, 74 percent of Republicans agree with Trump’s actions. His approval rating in the Senate is more than 80 percent. Plus, Mr. Trump will always have support from his MMA-loving voter base who believe closing borders and pissing on the constitution will make their lives better.

Mr. Trump attended one of those MMA events at Madison Square Garden, and he got some love from the rowdy crowd. But he also got another dose of boos. Obviously, New York, the city Trump claims he loves, is over the Trumpster. But it will take more than a few boos to derail Trump’s mission to turn America’s democracy into a dictatorship.

Nancy Pelosi told the press she didn’t become speaker to impeach Trump. But his Ukraine call and his attempt to obstruct Congress are grounds enough to protect America’s democracy. Pelosi said impeaching Trump is more important than winning the 2020 election.

Wall Street economists know American corporations are up to their necks in debt. Corporations took advantage of the cheap money after the 2008 meltdown, and they went on a stock buy-back mission. Instead of reinvesting the money they borrowed, they inflated the value of their stock, made investors happy, and paid big bonuses to the fat cats that have greed running through their self-serving genes.

Even though unemployment and inflation numbers look good, the economy isn’t in great shape. Trump’s war with China has the world on edge. Europe and Asia are on the cusp of a recession. The Feds cut the interest rate in October to keep the recession away from American consumers. But it will be the consumers who decide whether the U.S. will face what some economists call another 2008 meltdown.

Mr. Trump decided he needed to bring his evangelical voter base closer during the impeachment process. His longtime religious guru Paula White is now a member of Trump’s cabinet. Trump gave the controversial preacher a job with a big title. But her main purpose is to show his evangelical voter base he still wants to overthrow Roe vs. Wade and keep immigrants from entering the United States.

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