Trump Uses The Words “Human Scum” To Describe The Democrats

President D. Trump, President Donald J. Trump

The president’s tax returns may see the light of day if the Supreme Court doesn’t hear the case in the next ten days. An appeals court threw out the argument Trump’s lawyers concocted, and Trump decided if his Supreme Court appointees would give him a win in the quest to keep his shady tax returns private. But SCOTUS put the case on hold.

Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer, and enforcer told Congress Trump likes to inflate his assets when he needs a loan, and he deflates them when it’s time to pay taxes. Trump claims his net worth will surprise people when he releases his tax returns. And he told the press he plans to release his returns before the 2020 election. Mr. Trump decided to put that lie out there in case his Supreme Court nominees don’t hear the case or they vote with the four liberals.

Ambassador Gordon Sondland let Congress know Mike Pompeo, Mike Pence, and Rick Perry knew what Trump wanted from Ukraine. Trump still hates Ukraine for backing Hillary in 2016.

David Holmes, a U.S. diplomat stationed in Kyiv, told Congress Trump told Sondland he didn’t give a crap about Ukraine during an unsecured phone conversation in Kyiv. Holmes knew the president was up to no good. Mr. Holmes said he realized Mr. Trump wanted something out of the new Ukraine president when Rudy Giuliani acted like he was the head Trumpian in Ukraine.

Sondland told Congress Mike Pompeo knew Rudy crossed the diplomatic line. Rudy started a smear campaign and former Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch was his target. Marie didn’t want Rudy interviewing Ukraine diplomats in the American Embassy in Ukraine. Trump fired Marie for doing her job and Pompeo didn’t try to stop him. Mr. Trump continued to intimidate her during her Congressional testimony.

Mike Pence denied he knew about Trump’s well-thought-out, but poorly executed, plan to screw Zelensky. Zelensky asked Pence point-blank when he would receive the aid payment. Pence told the Ukraine president in a holier-than-thou response he didn’t know, but he would check with the Trumpster. Mr. Pence knew what the plan was when Trump sent Rudy on a mission to screw Biden when Joe entered the campaign.

After three days of brutal truth-telling from witnesses who still work for the White House, Trump lost it when he called the Democrats “Human Scum.” Mr. Trump also warned the Republicans to stick to his chaotic script even though his mobster behavior is on display once again. Trump knows some Republicans want to him impeached, but turning on the Trumpster is the kiss of death in the current Republican mindset.

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