How Tim L. Sann is Spearheading Weather Shield in Manufacturing Sector


Weather Shield is one of the leading companies in the manufacture of doors and
windows that can adjust to extreme changes in weather. With hurricane and
other weather elements dominating various seasons in the United States, the
company has been providing some of the most reliable doors and windows that
can easily protect families against such elements. At the helm and professional
aspects of the company is Tim L. Sann, who has been the Chief Executive Officer
of the company.

Tim L. Sann has been at the helm of the company for many years and has
previously worked in other capacities within the company. In his time as the
leader of the company, Tim has formulated various policies and strategies that
have played a key role in the growth and development of the company. Some of
the critical roles that he has implemented in the company and its manufacturing
practices have been discussed below.

1. Various Product Designs

Even though people are worried about extreme weather conditions, they have
always preferred products that have incorporated a specific design in
construction activities. Most of the doors and windows produced by Weather
Shield have been standout and a major breakthrough in the door and window
manufacturing industry. Most of the people buying from the company believe
that Tim L. Sann has introduced some modern designs that have changed the
perspective of weather doors and windows by incorporating design elements.

2. Product Differentiation

There are various strategies that doors and windows can be differentiated from
one customer to the other. However, Tim L. Sann understands that the tastes
and preferences of each buyer are unique and different. Using this approach, he
has introduced various doors and windows in a large variety where people can
easily choose from. Having huge product differentiation is a strategic method of
attracting various customers in the operations of the company. At Weather
Shield, customers can easily come across historical windows, premium doors,
and other products that address their tastes and preferences.

3. Product Customization

For many years, customers have been forced to buy what window and door
manufacturers have been selling. This is a marketing approach that has been
alienating customers in the design process where they do not have inputs in
their products. Tim L. Sann has changed this approach. Customers can now
indicate to the manufacturing company how they would like their products to
look like. The new approach means that various customers can submit designs
and various measurements to the company so that they can get doors and
windows that meet their personal specifications.

4. Friendly Pricing

Weather windows and doors are specialty products. Therefore, they attract
considerable amounts of money in various manufacturing companies and
distributing agencies as well. However, Tim L. Sann has structured a pricing
mechanism that is friendly to the customers. Customers willing to have weather
doors and windows can now have them without paying a fortune. This is a
competitive technique that has enabled the company to remain relevant and
competitive in an industry that charges a fortune for the same products.

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