Tillerson Thinks Nikki’s Book Is More Fiction Than Fact

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The Republicans want to bring some witnesses to the impeachment party. Jim Jordan, the assistant wrestling coach turned Trumpian, claims the whistleblower has to testify in public in order for the impeachment proceedings to be valid. Jordan and other Trumpians want Hunter Biden to testify even though Hunter had nothing to do with Trump trying to shakedown the Ukraine president.

Adam Schiff told Republicans he wasn’t going to let them turned the impeachment proceedings into a three-ring Trumpian circus. Schiff knows Trump wants to take attention away from his mobster tactics during the public hearings. And the only way to do that is to release an April Zelensky call transcript. Trump claims that is another perfect call.

But Trump and Giuliani started the Zelensky shakedown long before the April Zelensky call. Giuliani and his group of criminal assistants put the squeeze on Ukraine officials before Zelensky won the election. Mr. Trump wanted Zelensky to say Ukraine backed Clinton in 2020. And he wanted him to say the Poroshenko’s government, not Russia interfered with the election.

Mick Mulvaney told the press trashing Clinton was what Trump had in mind when he asked Zelensky to do him a favor. He also wanted Zelensky to open an investigation that would prove Biden is guilty of quid pro quo-screwing Ukraine when he was VP. Mulvaney was the guy who held back the military aid check until Zelensky cried uncle, and he agreed to screw Joe Biden. But when the Trump call became public knowledge, Zelensky never followed through.

Lev Parnas wants to set the record straight now that Trump said he didn’t know him or his pal Igor Fruman. Lev and Igor helped Giuliani get to the right Ukraine officials in order to make Zelensky Trump’s bitch. Parnas and Fruman wanted to make a few bucks from their relationship with the Trumpster. They paid Giuliani $500,000, and they gave Trump’s campaign $350,000 by way of shell corporations in order to have pictures taken with Trump, Giuliani, Don Jr., and Mike Pence.

Nikki Haley threw John Kelly and Rex Tillerson under the Trumpian bus when she wrote about those former cabinet members in her new book. Tillerson told the press, Haley wasn’t always around when he had conversations with Trump. Tillerson and Kelly said they always told Trump what they thought when he wanted to cross legal lines. Even though Trump was a mess, they didn’t try to sabotage his presidency. They just wanted him to act like a president not like a member of the Gotti family.

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