The Tensions Between Turkey and the US

Turkey - US

On Wednesday, leaders, including Donald Trump and Recep Tayyip Erdogan, met to discuss the rising differences extending from policies towards Syria to Ankara’s purchase of a Russian missile defense system. President Trump gave the Turkish president a warm welcome despite him being angry at the United States Congress. The anger was because Ankara offended Syria to drive the Kurdish forces out. The Kurds are the main partners to the US in the fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.

Trump and Erdogan’s friendship has been cordial since the first day in office because they understand each other. Erdogan and his wife are a treasure in their country and region. President Erdogan has had difficulties with Trump and Obama. Consequently, Marwan Bishara never imagined that he could ever have a warm welcome.
Trump and Erdogan had a great and productive meeting at a news conference. He hoped that NATO could be able to resolve their differences with its partners. Purchasing the Russian S-400 defense system is a significant challenge for Turkey. This provoked Washington to remove Ankara from the F-35 fighter jet program. Turkey started receiving the S-400 in July after it shrugged off threats of US agreements.

A sanctions package was passed last month by The House of Representatives to punish Turkey for purchasing the Russian defense system and Ankara’s Syria operation. If Ankara threatens the Kurds in Syria, the Senate has promised to advance the legislation. The attainment of Russian military equipment by Turkey is a significant challenge for the US. There are determined to resolve the whole situation now and in the future. Erdogan said that it’s only through a negotiation that the two countries overcome the hurdles.

At the White House, the Republican senators talked about the F-35 program in the presence of President Trump and President Erdogan. A military operation was launched by Turkey to fight against the YPG forces in northeast Syria. The Kurdish YPG were ordered to pool out from the Syria-Turkey border regions, but some have not.
The US does not want to see Turkey being involved with offensive actions with the Kurds because the group has stood with America and helped it fight their enemies. Erdogan was able to differentiate the Kurds from the PKK. The Turkish president was frustrated since other countries, except Turkey, failed to accept refugees. Protesters outside The White House criticized the visit of Erdogan and asked Trump to guard the Kurds in Syria.

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