The Life And Values of Jimmy And Rosalyn Carter

Jimmy Carter, Rosalyn Carter

As former president Jimmy Carter is once again in the news, this time for illness, CNN has a political opinion piece about Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter. The author, Kate Anderson Brower, makes the basic point that the simple lifestyle and strong moral values of the couple serve as a shining example for all and expresses the opinion that today’s politicians would do well to conduct themselves the way that Jimmy Carter did while in office.

A stark contrast

Brower does not hesitate to contrast the simplicity of the Carters to the lavishness of Donald and Melania Trump. While Jimmy Carter had solar panels put up on the white house roof to make use of sustainable energy, Donald Trump has slashed environmental regulations and also expressed skepticism about man-made climate change. The author points out that Rosalyn Carter wore the same gown to her husband’s presidential inauguration ball that she wore to his inauguration ball when he was elected governor of Georgia; whereas Melania Trump had a designer gown that cost thousands.

While Jimmy Carter refused to let “Hail To The Chief” be played when he entered the room as president because he felt that doing so would be boastful, Donald Trump loves to brag about being the most powerful person in the world. She also mentions that Jimmy Carter surrounded himself with subject matter experts on major issues and was a great listener. Donald Trump, on the other hand, surrounds himself with yes men and basically thinks he knows everything.


Jimmy Carter has had a remarkably active post-presidency. He’s helped build thousands of homes through Habitat For Humanity and helped put together fair elections in third-world countries. Through it all, he’s also found time to teach Sunday School.

At home in Plains

The couple still live in Plains, Georgia, in the same house where they have been for decades. They could be anywhere else in the world, the author points out, but they choose to remain where their roots are.


Like Harry Truman before him, Jimmy Carter refused to profit from the presidency. Instead, he makes a living writing books. In fact, he’s written 33 of them, and he has many interests and areas of expertise. By contrast, the author points out, Donald Trump sends out tweets. The author asks that Americans think about the Carters during the Impeachment hearings.

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