Federal Reserve Researchers Claim Americans, Not The Chinese, Paid $40 Billion In Tariff Taxes

Federal Reserve, Tariff Taxes

Energy Secretary Rick Perry’s name came up several times during the public impeachment hearings. Rick was part of Trump’s Ukraine posse. Rick helped set the stage for the Trumpster to force Zelensky to investigate Joe Biden.

Rick denied he knew about Trump’s plan to hold military aid until the new Ukraine president promised to shovel some fertile Ukraine dirt on Biden’s campaign. Perry, Sondland, Giuliani, and Pompeo played keys roles in Trump’s quest to prove Ukraine, not Russia, interfered with the 2016 election.

Perry decided to resign when the Ukraine debacle got too hot. He told the press he knows nothing, but he does know the Trumpster is God’s chosen one. Perry believes God sent Trump on a mission to save the United States from the evil that lurks in Washington.

The Supreme Court gave Trump lawyers until December 5th to prove Trump doesn’t need to show his financials to Congress. Manhattan’s district attorney also wants to see Trump’s tax returns. If SCOTUS likes what Trump’s lawyers have to say, the justices will hear the case. If they decide they don’t want to get involved, Trump will have to turn over his financials. Mr. Trump thinks the Supreme Court will side with him now that there are five conservatives on the court.

Don McGahn is one step closer to telling Congress what he knows about Trump’s plan to fire Bob Mueller before his investigation got underway. A federal judge in Washington told the Justice Department lawyers McGahn has to testify. But the Justice Department plans to take that case to the Supreme Court.

The national debt is now more than $23 trillion. Trump’s budget deficit continues to add billions to the debt, and his 2017 tax cut will add billions more over the next four years. McConnell passed a one-month budget deal extension, but that extension ends at the end of December. That could mean another government shutdown in 2020 if Congress doesn’t give Trump the border wall money he wants.

Mr. Trump told the press he collects billions in tariff taxes from the Chinese every month. But according to Federal Reserve Board researchers, Americans paid $40 billion in tariff taxes over the last two years. Chinese products are now 25 percent more expensive thanks to Trump’s tariff addiction. American consumers will feel the pain from those hidden taxes during the holiday shopping season this year.

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