Examining The Career Of Ms. Regina Dowd


Some people are born knowing their true passions and what they want to do when they grow up. Regina Dowd was one of these people. From the time she was born, Ms. Dowd was determined to enter college, obtain a degree in nursing, become a registered nurse, and work in a hospital, private practice, or another capacity of healthcare practice.

The beginning of Ms. Regina Dowd’s young adulthood

Regina Dowd was fortunate enough to attend a private secondary school that prepared her very well to score high on college entrance exams. She was also trained to ultimately perform at a top-of-the-class level while enrolled in a four-year program, even the best, most prestigious universities that the United States had to offer.

After graduating from Holy Trinity High School in 1978, Regina immediately thereafter enrolled in college. Her college of choice was the expensive, top-notch private school of Fairfield University. Based in Fairfield, Connecticut, Regina Dowd’s parents were able to comfortably able to afford her tuition – now, it’s $46,000 per year, just for reference – all four years at the Jesuit, Catholic school.

In 1982, just as Regina had planned, she brought home a bachelor’s of science degree in nursing; she also managed to become a high-ranking member of the Sigma Theta Tau honor society, one of the best on campus.

Moving into the working world for the first time

Regina Dowd had never truly participated in the workforce outside of holding generally unimportant, low-responsibility, part-time jobs over summer breaks in high school and college. Despite this, when she was hired as a staff nurse in 1982 to work in both general surgery and burn service, she performed at an exceptionally high level.

After 25 months in the role, she moved up to perioperative nursing services, a capacity she worked in for five straight years.

Despite having always wanted to be a nurse, after just seven years in the occupation, she became a quality assurance coordinator for the New York Presbyterian Hospital’s – this was her third promotion within this healthcare entity – department of surgery.

In 2000, she got into consulting for managing risk and staying on top of potential legal issues for nurses; she did this under the guide of Kaps Consulting, LLC. She took a few years off to serve her family unit as a full-time mother before rebounding to her career in 2008 as a principal of Dowd Consulting, LLC, where she dealt with a lot of IT professionals and sending them to work in temporary format companies that needed to fill such roles on an interim basis.

What Regina Dowd does today

In 2010, Ms. Regina Dowd got a job at her father’s company, TSR Consultancy Services, as an account rep. The next year, in 2011, she became an account manager.

As an account manager, she did things similar to her previously-held position in assigning IT pros to various functions at other companies on a short-term basis.

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