Cynthia Grossman Has Had An Impact Making Career That Continues To See Her Services Highly Sought After

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Cynthia Grossman is a businesswoman who has worked diligently to help to better address patient needs. Her current role is as the Director at Biogen. Her duties include leadership and management responsibilities as well as diligently pursuing the use of data as a means to produce better research within the world of healthcare. She is notable for her abilities in public speaking and helping to set goals in a strategic and scientific manner. The educational background the Cynthia Grossman brings with her is impressive as she holds two Ph.D.’s. She earned her Doctor of Philosophy in the field of Clinical Psychology by way of her studies at the University of Vermont and then went on to earn her second Doctor of Philosophy with a specialization in Pediatrics based Clinical Psychology. She earned the latter at Brown University.

Before coming on board with Biogen in 2019, Cynthia Grossman held several prominent professional positions. These include the time she spent with the National Institutes of Health as a Health Scientist Administrator. During this time, she made great strides toward helping those suffering from HIV to live better lives. Cynthia has also been a part of the team at FasterCures. This program is associated with the Center of the Milken Institute. A large portion of Cynthia’s overall professional outlook has been to find ways of expanding on the types of opportunities that can be afforded to patients in terms of hearing their perspectives on the state of treatment and therapy. She brought this vast array of experience with her in her work at Biogen.

Cynthia Grossman has always prioritized patient needs and this is a big part of her success. She is always looking for solutions that can help to provide treatment that truly takes care of the needs of the patient. The fact that she wants to be informed on what patients need is a big part of the reason that she has become such a data-driven individual. This was a big part of her work with FasterCures as she was able to engage with many different organizations in the healthcare field to deliver the best possible treatments.

The work history of Cynthia Grossman as a whole goes back to the decade of the 1980s when she first established herself as a strong and capable leadership figure. It was during that time that she worked with a firm known as Grupo Continental SAB. She became a member of the firm’s director’s board and helped to promote a significant amount of growth during this time.

These days, Cynthia Grossman continues to make a big impact with the work she does at Biogen and she continues to be sought after for her skills as a speaker. There are a number of conferences around the United States that frequently request the speaking services of Cynthia and ask her to weigh in on different topics by utilizing her impressive levels of expertise. The fact that she is such an in-demand speaker is a testament to the dedication that she has put into her professional career.

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