Cactus Feeders Providing Nourishment For The World

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Cactus Feeders is a beef and pork production company that has facilities located in several states including Kansas, Georgia, Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina and Iowa. There are 800 employees who are also classified as owners. They dedicate their work toward producing greater amounts of food while using less resources and while saving costs in the process.

The mission of Cactus Feeders is to feed the world, which includes people in your lives such as your own family and friends. The company has a high standard in the way they take care of their animals and they value the employees who make an important contribution to producing a top-notch product.

When they produce meat products, they consider the fact that their own family members are going to be eating them, and it motivates them to make sure these food products are worthy of nourishing the people that they love. In order to make sure that products are of sufficient quality, Cactus Feeders makes sure that they are both safe and nutritious.

Cactus Feeders believes in hard work, and they feel it is important to share their story with people in their lives in order to create a sense of community. This sense of community is at the heart of what the company is all about.

The beef cows that are fed by Cactus Feeders make up a significant portion of the production of beef in the nation. Approximately four percent of fed cows in the United States are fed by Cactus Beef organization. This goes a long way toward the company’s mission to provide protein sustenance to the world, and they believe it’s important to keep their own community of family and friends in mind as they approach a broader global goal.

Accessibility is one of the main missions of the company. They believe that it’s not only important to create quality that is suitable for people they love, but it’s also just important for people to have access to the products. They approach this goal by providing products such as boneless red meat, ham, bacon and other food products that are easily accessible for people to use in their typical meals. The total protein production of Cactus beef provides 56 million meals for their customers every week.

Sustainability is a cornerstone of the business ethics of Cactus Feeders. The company seeks to adhere to policies that allow them to be able to provide food to the world indefinitely. They are hoping to not only maintain the large production that they have reached but also increase the reach of their production to feed more of the world.

With the global food needs of the world expected to double by 2050, Cactus Feeders sees a need to increase its production to meet increasing needs in the coming years. The company sees a challenge of land availability with the need for more animals, so they are turning to innovation in order to produce more protein products with fewer available space.

Some ways to utilize less space is to create technology to reduce waste such as methane from the animals. There are also new technologies that enable more meat to be produced per animal, thereby reducing the need for space to house more animals. Research has shown a dramatic decrease in the number of animals needed to produce a given amount of protein products due to advancements that have occurred in recent years.

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