Berlin Wall’s 30th Anniversary Not a Moment to Celebrate the Cold War Triumph

Berlin Wall’s 30th Anniversary, World

This year, it is turning thirty years since the collapse of the Berlin Wall that marked the end of the Cold War. However, this is no longer a time to celebrate the development or achievements of democracy. It is rather a time to confront a more challenging contest with a more formidable contender. Today’s world lacks a spurring image such that even recent events emphasize the greater difficulty of today’s challenges. There is a growing intensity of major power competition. However, the United States and its allies pay little attention to it. This week, China released the globe’s largest 5G cellular phone network at home. The new network comes with a more advanced technology compared to that of its competitors in the conceptual West. China’s 5G network came during a fight for market domination centred around America’s worldwide operation against countries that want to start using it.

The battle against the 5G network is expected to have a ripple effect to other technologies such as quantum computing and artificial intelligence. While the House of Representatives looks forward to impeaching President Trump, China’s President Xi Jinping won support from the Communist Party. The support follows a four days’ meeting with the party’s Central Committee. Russia received a major helping hand from Russia for its struggles to expand Europe’s reliance on its energy exports. Denmark removed the latter’s substantial barrier for the 11 billion dollars Nord Stream 2 pipeline despite US sanctions threat. The project is planned to be commissioned at the end of the year.

Russian President, Vladimir Putin, praised Denmark’s efforts that follow his latest declaration of ending Pax Americana to embrace Asian nations. The US Secretary of State is scheduled to visit Germany soon during the Berlin Wall’s thirtieth anniversary. According to his State Department report, Mr. Michael R. Pompeo is expected to give a speech that will focus on democracy during his travel. Mr. Pompeo is expected to give a sequence of speeches that will focus on the competing ideas and ethics that are characteristic to our times. The speech is also expected to address Chinese influence firms and unethical economic practices.

The Atlantic Council printed two new papers this week focusing on comprehending the significant risks of the existing major power competition. Besides, a methodology to sail across the future based more on certainty than nostalgia. In his paper, Matthew Burrows lays out three probable situations for the next two decades. One is the US-Chinese rivalry which will be marked by slow growth and growing tensions instead of finding a solution that affect the globe.

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