Ben Melkman Is A Hedge Fund Manager Who Continues To Make All Of The Right Moves


Just a year ago, hedge funds were managing more than $3 trillion. While most hedge fund managers are hoping to become extremely wealthy during their lifetimes, the majority of them don’t have the skills to do so. Most people have heard of successful investors like John Paulson and George Soros, but there is another rising star on the horizon, and his name is Ben Melkman. Through hard work and determination, he has been able to accomplish quite a bit during his career, and he doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

Ben Melkman made the decision to create a hedge fund for himself in 2016. The name of the hedge fund is Light Sky, and he worked with Steven Cohen and Dan Loeb who helped him to build over $1 billion in assets. Light Sky is still a work in process, and while it didn’t quite live up to its name in 2018, big things are expected in its future. Melkman has been finding his way into news headlines where he has been receiving plenty of praise for his talents as a hedge fund manager. He is currently serving as his company’s chief information officer, and he is expected to continue to analyze and sort through a lot of data so Light Sky can make the right choices.

Ben Melkman’s first job was with Deutsche Bank. He started serving with the firm during the early 2000s but later decided to go to work with Morgan Stanley. he stayed with Morgan Stanley for half of a decade and caught the attention of many industry leaders during his time there. After making quite a bit of money in his industry, he was asked to join the team at Brevan Howard. He agreed and went to work with the firm in 2009 by helping it to manage billions of dollars. Melkman stayed with Brevan Howard for more than five years before deciding to take a chance on an opportunity that presented itself in Argentina.

Ben Melkman decided to put together a hedge fund in Argentina even though the country was facing difficulties under the leadership of its president. The country’s leader had been making some poor financial decisions but another leader by the name of Mauricio Macri had presented a way out. Macri had been working on a way to help stabilize the country’s economy, and he did so by selling bonds. Melkman was able to earn hundreds of millions of dollars during this time. His reputation as a leader in his industry spread far and wide as he was able to make a lot of money for those who invested in his hedge fund. Today, Ben Melkman is working hard to create new possibilities to increase his wealth as well as the wealth of anyone else who decides to go into business with him.

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