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Andrew Essex is a prominent American businessman who is known for his book “The End of Advertising.” Shortly after writing the book, Essex founded a company called Plan A. The company was co-founded by M.T. Carney, and it is a conglomeration of top-notch marketing and communications specialist firms.

Essex describes the firm as a new type of holding company when he was a guest on the Ad Lib podcast. The company offers clients an alternative to more traditional options with several choices that are all organized with a centralized management structure. Plan A gives clients a master service agreement with all the firms associated with the company.

Andrew Essex has plans to expand operations of the company by acquiring some agencies that specialize in public relations and crisis communications. Essex is known for saying that the current advertising business model is broken, so he has been questioned about how his company addresses this issue. He claims that he stands out against similar companies who believe in the importance of data analytics as a key factor. He holds on to the idea that humans understand how to inspire emotion in advertising.

On the week that Essex spoke at the podcast, his company had acquired a firm called Helo. Badgers and Winters had decided to leave the organization during the same time period. Andrew Essex explained that, although the firm was very good at their work, they weren’t delivering what Plan A wanted to provide for their clients.

Andrew Essex believes in the power of creativity because it can generate its own audience without requiring as much monetary investment to reach people. He doesn’t like to inundate people with content to try and gain attention. With this sentiment, Essex had decided to leave a high-profile position at the New Yorker where he was a managing editor. He started his own firm called Droga5 that he believed had great potential to influence the advertising industry.

Essex believes that a pending recession is likely to have an important impact on the advertising industry. He predicts that this environment will cause a lot of inferior agencies to disappear from the landscape, and this could have a net positive result for industry-wide advertising quality. He sees the current industry as one that is ready for a radical transformation.

Essex left Droga5 in 2015 and became the CEO of Tribeca Enterprises, a company that is known for having an annual film festival. Essex credits his journalism background for his ability to see the world in a unique way. His editing job gave him insight into finding the most interesting elements in the environment. He accuses many of today’s advertising firms of assuming things are interesting when they aren’t. Essex believes that his skills in curating and culling content give him an advantage over the competition.

Andrew Essex received a Master of Arts degree in American literature from New York University. He gained some journalism experience at and Entertainment Weekly. He was a consultant at US Weekly and became the executive director at Details magazine in the year 2000.

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