How Alex Molinaroli Made It

Business Leader

Alex Molinaroli is known as one of the top initiators when it comes to achieving business goals. The scholar started his trail towards success when he first completed a degree in electrical engineering from the University of South Carolina. From this achievement, he would develop his craft into an MBA from Northwestern University. His last schooling achievement was adopted over his years spent at the Kellogg School of Management. These scholar achievements pale in comparison to his career achievements. Molinaroli started his career journey with Johnson Controls. Johnson Controls is the top source in developing clean and relevant business solutions. They work primarily with businesses and commercial addresses to provide building energy and initiatives. During his years of schooling, Molinaroli gained a knack for business advances.

Molianroli had a strong presence for introducing new sales techniques and opportunities to the John Controls brand. He started with the company in 1983 with a primary focus on building efficiency. He built and spread his sales market from North America to the Middle East, building positive relationships and adhering to any forms of advancement needed to bring Johnson Controls into a world of relevancy. His primary contribution came with his heavy focus on new sales tactics and developments. The company took notice to his high levels of consistent sales and continued strive for creation of new ideals. Johnson Controls promoted his advancements and made him the primary face for sales development in the North American market. His positive impact would forward him into a company presidential role in 2007. For 6 years he would headline this position before reaching the title of CEO in late 2013.

Molinaroli’s primary impact comes with the development of new uses for battery-powered machinery, businesses, and other such objects. The company has turned this research project into a vision of the future. Molinaroli has been working closely to this project for over 20 years. He stated that the original idea started as a project or an experiment. Through steady testing and advancement of modern technology, Johnson Controls will be able to roll-out their servicing goals for years into the future. This idea that developed from something that seemed inevitable is now gaining a full head of steam. With Molinaroli at the helm, this project will be an initiative that can potentially re-write the way we use and view power sourcing. Molinaroli will continue to introduce his learned development techniques and foster this into a practice that can be relied upon for delivering many new business leaders from this Fortune 500 company. Johnson Controls and Molinaroli will work to introduce new ways of gaining powering sources for big business and at-home locations. It is only a matter of time before the world is introduced to the product of these many years of dedication to research standards.

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