Rudy Wants To Sue Congress For Doing Their Job

Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff know they are in a balls to the wall legal brawl with the Trumpster. Trump announced he wanted to hold a press conference to spew his Trumpian snake oil all over his adoring fan base. But that fan base is not too happy now that they heard Trump squeeze the President of Ukraine like a delicate Florida orange.

Schiff and Pelosi also held a press conference to let Trump, Pompeo, Pence, Barr, and any members of Trump’s political fan club if they don’t get the documents they want in a couple of days they’ll pull the obstruction of Congress card. That means Congress could impeach Trump for blocking their investigation.

The Ukraine call is just the tip of the soft squeeze iceberg. Trump uses the soft squeeze to give orders, to ask for favors, and to lie with conviction, according to Nancy Pelosi.

Nancy told the press Bill Barr lost his way in the Trumpian smog. Bill’s an angry old conservative who wants to get even with the federal government, the media, and the Democrats, and Trump is his weapon, according to the New York Times.

Trump wants to meet the whistleblower, so he can slip him something to make him go away. The Trumpster wanted to put alligators and snakes in a moat in front of his border wall, and he wanted border agents to shoot immigrants in the legs. Mr. Trump didn’t know whistleblowers are an endangered species, according to his advisors.

But it’s not just the whistleblower who wants to bring the Trumpster down. Other department officials plan to talk to Congress and drop a dime or two on the president. The state department used to be a bi-partisan group before Trump took over. Trump got rid of the cabinet and staff members in all departments who didn’t follow his rules. Mr. Trump’s rules are in the New York City mobster handbook and his three oldest children know the book by heart.

Rudy came up with another one of his legal mumbo-jumbo moves when he told the press Trump might sue every member of Congress for telling the country he’s a gangster and a fake. Rudy is up to his Ukraine-loving neck in the Trump impeachment fiasco. Giuliani always wanted to be Secretary of State, but his foreign criminal connections disqualified him. So Rudy told Trump he could create his own state department and use foreign criminals to do the heavy-lifting, according to the New York Times.

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