Pompeo Heard Trump Squeeze Zelensky For Dirt On Biden

China’s President Xi

China’s President Xi wore his best Mao suit when he celebrated 70 years of communism with his country. President Xi is the strongest communist leader since Mao, according to the Chinese news agency. Xi’s plan is world dominance by 2050, but he’ll have to win Trump’s tariff war if he wants that idea to become a reality.

Mr. Trump wants to break President Xi. Trump doesn’t like the fact Xi is the Chinese leader for life. He thinks he should stay in office long after the constitution gives him that right. But the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has a different plan. She wants Trump impeached.

The whistleblower will sit down in front of Congress and give lawmakers more impeachment ammunition. Trump’s made it clear during his call to Ukraine’s President Zelensky he wants dirt on Joe Biden. Trump sent Rudy on a clandestine mission to discredit Biden. Giuliani reported his findings to Trump instead of bringing Ambassador Kurt Volker in the loop. Volker told the State Department Giuliani acted like a rogue special agent in Ukraine who answers to no one except the Trumpster.

Mr. Trump wants a piece of the whistleblower. The president called the CIA officer a spy. Trump insinuated the whistleblower deserves to hang for letting the world know he’s a white-collar mobster with psychopathic tendencies. The whistleblower will give Congress all the juicy details of other Trump misdeeds when he appears before Adam Schiff’s intelligence committee, according to the Times.

Scott Morrison, the PM of Australia, claims Trump asked him to find some dirt on Mueller’s claim Russia and the Trump campaign were tight in 2016. Mr. Trump sent Attorney General Bill Barr to Italy for the same reason. Barr wants Italian officials to spill some dirt on the Central Intelligence Agency as well as the Federal Bureau of Investigation during his 2016 presidential campaign. The president claims both intelligence agencies tried to discredit his campaign.

The FBI knew Trump wanted the Russians to release damaging information about Clinton through WikiLeaks. Trump told his voter base he loved WikiLeaks. Mr. Trump asked the Russians to release the damaging emails during one of his 2016 rallies. But Trump told Mueller his campaign didn’t contact WikiLeaks, according to Politico.

Mike Pompeo acted stupid when the press asked him if he knew what Trump wanted Zelensky to do for him. Pompeo told the press Rudy didn’t talk to the State Department about his plan to ruin Joe Biden. Mike heard the Trump-Zelensky call. But he told the press he knew nothing about Rudy’s mission, according to the Wall Street Journal.

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