Pence Goes On The Road Selling Trump’s Not Guilty Snake Oil To Democrats

Betsy DeVos

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and her husband Dick are huge Trump supporters. The Grand Rapids couple donated millions to the Trump campaign in 2016. Trump nominated Betsy but Pence had to break the tie in Congress in order for her to get the job.

DeVos is a big for-profit charter school fan, and it appears she still supports the illegal activities of those for-profit colleges that fleeced students in order to line their pockets, according to the New York Times.

Betsy’s latest education fiasco is she keeps punishing for-profit college students not paying their student loans. A judge ruled students who attended Corinthian Colleges don’t have to pay back their student loans, but Betsy is seizing their tax returns and wages despite the court order. U.S. Magistrate Judge Sallie Kim told the DeVos lawyers somebody may end up in jail if the education department continues to harass those students.

Rudy Giuliani wants to sue Adam Schiff for violating Trump’s civil rights and for inhibiting his ability to defend his client. Rudy is one of the main characters in Trump’s attempt to mobster squeeze Ukraine President Zelensky. Giuliani operated a culvert information gathering plan in Ukraine in order to prove Ukraine, not Russia interfered with the 2016 election. He also wanted Ukraine officials to let Zelensky know Trump wants his help to bring down his political opponent Joe Biden.

Now that a second whistleblower wants to give a first-hand account of Trump’s strong-arm tactics, Rudy claims he’s a wizard when it comes to constitutional law, so he will fight to protect Trump’s rights. But Schiff and Pelosi know Rudy is the catalyst for some of Trump’s insane behavior. They plan to deal with Giuliani once they get all the facts from several key state department witnesses.

Mike Pence condones Trump’s mobster moves. Pence was on the call when Trump strong-armed Zelensky. He also met with the Ukraine president and told Zelensky in person Trump wants him to do Trump’s dirty work before he sends the military aide payment. Pence didn’t use those words, but he got that message across using his low key evangelical persona. Some Democrats claim Pence should face an impeachment trial for standing behind Trump while he ignored constitutional laws.

Mr. Trump sent Pence to several Democratic districts the Republicans won in 2016 this week. Pence wants to convince those voters the impeachment inquiry is another witch hunt. Mr. Pence plans to explain why they should stick with the Trumpster even though he is a mobster with anger issues.

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