Mnuchin Claims Trump Wants To Adds More Iranian Sanctions To Protect Israel

President D. Trump, President Donald J. Trump, President Donald Trump

ProPublica claims Trump’s campaign and political committees spend $16.8 million at Trump-owned properties in 2018. Most of the money went to host parties at Trump Washington Hotel and Mar-a-Lago. Doral also received money from the Trump campaign. The $16.1 million doesn’t include all the Republicans who support Trump’s businesses.

Devin Nunes aide Derek Harvey plans to reveal the identity of the whistleblower. Harvey supplied Trumpians with information about the whistleblower, but not all the information has credible roots, according to the Democrats.

Mr. Trump claims the whistleblower is a rat. But the Democrats call the whistleblower an American hero. Trump wants to publically humiliate and punish the whistleblower.

The president spent 48 minutes talking about the Al-Baghdadi raid. Pentagon officials cringed as Trump revealed information that could hurt future operations. Trump told the public Al-Baghdadi went out crying like a coward with no proof the terrorist said or did anything but send him and his three children to their maker. Mr. Trump took credit for the successful raid even though U.S. intelligence, U.S. forces, and the Kurds orchestrated the successful raid. Trump and Pence watched the event and then used it to deflect attention away from the impeachment inquiry.

Nancy Pelosi will hold the Congressional impeachment vote Trump and the Republicans want, but Kevin McCarthy the minority leader in the House, claims it’s a little late for a vote. The Republicans want to defend Trump. The political future of most Republicans is in Trump’s hands, and they know Trump might not survive in his self-created swamp. More than 59 percent of the voting public thinks Trump should face impeachment. But the president still calls the impeachment inquiry a witch hunt.

North Korea’s Kim Jon Un wants another meeting with the Trumpster. Mr. Kim wants Trump to drop the sanctions. But he also wants the president to help him rebuild the seaside resort South Korea built in his country.

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin told the press Trump will continue to sanction-screw Iran. Mr. Trump claims he wants to get out of the Middle East. But he continues to send military aid to Saudi Arabia, and he goes out of his way to help Ben Netanyahu stay in power. But Ben can’t form a government. Mr. Trump sent Mnuchin and Jared Kushner to Israel to show support for Ben, and to annoy Iran while he tries to figure out how to screw with the impeachment process.

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