Immigrants Are Now Required To Purchase Healthcare To Enter The US

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President Trump recently signed a proclamation requiring immigrants to “afford healthcare” before they are able to enter the United States. If any person cannot prove their ability to pay for American healthcare or insurance within 30 days, they will be denied entry to the country. While the new law will not affect those who are already living in the United States, it will determine whether or not a potential immigrant is eligible for a visa or not.
The proclamation, which will go into effect in early November of this year, will apply to families of immigrants as well. An immigrant who has already acquired a visa, for instance, may run into trouble moving the rest of their family if they cannot provide proof of their ability to pay for healthcare in the United States. The White House considers this a step toward merit-based entry into the country, as opposed to a more family-based system. It comes as only a part, however, of President Trump’s efforts to regulate immigration. For example, the administration has begun denying green cards to immigrants who rely on certain forms of public assistance. Immigration verification is now required for anyone attempting to attain public housing. They have also recently recovered payments from income-based welfare sponsors.
Health insurance required to enter the country can be purchased privately or provided by an immigrant’s employer. Any healthcare provided to impoverished citizens does not apply to a potential immigrant. The proclamation marks the Affordable Care Act as void of meaning for immigrants. Because subsidies provided by the ACA are funded by the government, those subsidies will not apply to an immigrant seeking healthcare insurance.
According to Larry Levitt, executive vice president for the Kaiser Family Foundation’s health policy, immigrants may purchase “individual insurance, employer coverage, or short-term insurance.” The last of which does not cover pre-existing health conditions, moreover.

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