Gaming Company Sony Has Announced Plans to Unveil a New PS 5 Controller.

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Sony has made it official that they are planning to unveil a new generation, 5 controllers. The firm announced that the controller would be released at the end of the year 2020 sometime in October or December. The controller will be unveiled alongside a new generation play station five so that it will complement everything. It’s not yet official what the new controller will be named. Also, there is no clue of how the controller will look like. What is known is that the PS5 will possess a different touch of class with a significant focus on a player’s immersion and feedback. If all these are to be made, the firm noted that it would have to shake up the whole play station 5 controllers with new amazing features. The new features will not incorporate the old class Dual Shocks standard growl technology.

The gaming company has not yet announced the price for the PS5 controller. However, this can be estimated. The old PS4 controller was retailed at 40 -50 Euros, so it’s expected that the brand new controller will be a bit expensive, maybe aroubd60-70 Euros. The new controller will include a haptic feedback detail to replace the old Dual Shock vibration technology. The rumble technology was a fascinating detail in the PS4, in which gamers experienced intense vibrations during particular instances of in-game events. However, Sony noted that the technology wasn’t well-tuned to a gamers’ experience.

Haptic feedback, which will be in the PS5 controller, stimulates touch, which means the controllers will output intense movements or vibrations to replicate a real physical gaming experience. The firm believes that this detail will improve the controllers’ feedback and deeply immerse the player in the game. The new controller will also feature other details like adaptive triggers, which the gaming firm announced will be incorporated in the trigger buttons L2 and R2. The adaptive triggers will give developers the freedom to entirely program the resistance of the intense triggers hence stimulating actions more perfectly.

According to a patent that was published in September, Sony is also developing a controller device that will look like a typical gamepad but also possess other benefits like a direct connection to WIFI. This will significantly improve the input efficiency and also unlock other next levels. It’s believed that this technology is being built for PS5 and could be a key feature in the new PS5 controller.

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