Bolton Thinks Rudy Is A live Hand-Grenade

Rudy Giuliani

Kim Jon Un rode up the sacred mountain of Mount Paektu on a white horse just like his grandfather and father did before they made important decisions. Kim wants Trump to drop the sanctions, but Trump keeps stalling while he tries to hang on to what’s left of his presidency. Mr. Kim wants to develop a new way to deal with Mr. Trump, and Mount Paektu is the place he gets inspiration, according to the associated press.

The North Korean debacle is one of many unresolved issues facing Mr. Trump. Iran’s President Rouhani told the press his country will resume nuclear talks if Trump lifts the sanctions. And his deal with Erdogan gave some Trumpians a reason to jump off his sinking political ship. Trump slapped Erdogan on the wrists when he imposed sanctions, according to Lindsey Graham.

According to White House aides, Trump started an internal investigation to find the whistleblower. Mr. Trump thinks exposing the whistleblower will pull his butt out of the impeachment fire. But Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi won’t stop until they have enough proof without the whistleblower’s testimony to impeach the Trumpster.

Mike Pence won’t send his Ukraine documents to the impeachment inquiry panel. Pence’s lawyer said Pelosi’s impeachment inquiry is not legal, so Mike doesn’t have to present documents that prove he knew Trump was strong-arming Zelensky, so he could shame Biden out of the race. Pence, Pompeo, Barr, and Giuliani refuse to cooperate with Congress even though they face criminal charges if Trump’s plan to stonewall Schiff and Pelosi doesn’t work, according to legal analysts.

Rudy Giuliani is under investigation for reaching out to a foreign government without following the proper protocol. Mr. Giuliani claims he works for Trump and that is all the protocol he needs. Some of Rudy’s old friends claim Rudy changed when he started doing pro bono work for Trump. Those friends say Rudy’s third nasty divorce fight takes a toll on his decision-making process. But Rudy claims his expensive divorce has no impact on his quest to prove Joe Biden is a common criminal.

Former Security Advisor John Bolton never bonded with the Trumpster. Mr. Trump finally fired Bolton, and that move didn’t sit well with John. Trump’s former Russian advisor Fiona Hill told Schiff’s panel Bolton knew Rudy was a live hand grenade. Bolton said Rudy’s quest to work under the radar in Ukraine would backfire and blow the lid off Trump’s presidency.

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