Bill Barr’s Still Chasing Trump’s Phony FBI Spying Probe

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Even though Mr. Trump claims he wants to get out of the Middle East, he still sends troops to Saudi Arabia. And he continues to irritate the Iranian leaders even though President Rouhani said he’s ready to talk about a new nuclear deal if Trump drops the sanctions.

But his Iran-screwing dropped to number three on his tariff-sanction screwing list. Iran is right above North Korea on that list. Kim Jon Un wants more Western press time, so he pulled his version of the Lone Ranger’s white horse out, and he rode up Mount Paektu to channel his grandfather and father.

Trump promised Kim he would develop the North Korean coastline once he figures out a way to let Kim keep his nukes. Kim knows his father would have Trump’s head on a stick if he pulled that kiss my ass stunt before he walked on North Korean soil, according to the New York Times.

Mike Mulvaney screwed the Trumpster when he told the press Trump kept Zelenskiy’s military aide payment in his oversize pants back pocket until the new president found that Clinton email server. Mike said the Trumpster pulls stunts like that all the time on foreign leaders.

Trump’s tariff wars play a major part in the decline of Europe’s economy. The IMF chief told the press Trump’s tariff war cut $79 billion out of the global economy in 2019. According to the IMF, global growth will be 3.0 percent at the end of the year.

Trump changed his mind after Mike Mulvaney told the world Trump would host the 2020 summit at the bedbug-ridden Doral Country Club. Doral’s business took a beating when Trump started treating immigrants like savages. Trump planned to pull Doral out of the financial hole he dug hosting that summit. But after his loyal Trumpians told him they would change their impeachment vote to guilty, he said he might host the event at Camp David, even though there’s not enough gold bling at the famous presidential hangout for his taste.

Bill Barr is on another Trump screw-the-Democrats mission. Trump told Barr to find out why the FBI watched his campaign in 2016. Trump claims U.S. intelligence agencies tried to bone his campaign.

Bill’s turned into Trump’s second legal lap dog. His first lap dog, Rudy, has the Feds on his butt for acting like he’s Trump’s official secretary of state. And Bill is immersed in conspiracy mud and loves every minute, according to the Washington Post.

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