The Trumpster Thinks He Should Be Honored With A Nobel Prize Because Obama Got One

President Trump, President Volodymyr Zelensky

Mr. Trump did what he always does when he’s in a political corner. He diverted attention away from his illegal activities and directed attention to Joe Biden’s alleged criminal activities when he was vice president. Trump talked to Ukraine president Zelensky about opening a Biden investigation.

President Trump asked the Ukraine president eight times to open an investigation even though a Ukraine prosecutor found no evidence that Joe Biden did anything wrong when he investigated Biden last spring. Ukraine officials fired the prosecutor who wanted to bring charges against Hunter Biden’s employer when Joe was VP, and Trump thinks Joe played a role in that event.

Mr. Biden denies he withheld a billion dollars in aid in order to ensure the prosecutor would get the ax. Biden tried to explain what happened, but Trump succeeded in planting doubt in the minds of many Democratic voters. If Joe pulled a few strings and twisted a few Ukraine arms in order to protect his son, Biden’s chance to win the nomination may go up in Trump smoke, according to a few political strategists.

New York still wants to get Trump’s tax records, but Trump’s lawyers claim the president should have sweeping immunity. In other words, any crimes Trump committed before or after he put his McDonald’s-loving backside in the Oval Office chair, don’t count.

New York District Attorney Cyrus Vance wants Trump’s accounting firm to hand over eight years of his tax returns. Vance thinks Trump’s hush money debacle is part of other crimes Trump committed to avoid paying taxes. Mr. Trump’s lawyers want the lawsuit dismissed, according to the Associated Press.

The Democrats who don’t want to impeach the president have a different opinion now that Trump colluded with a foreign government and admitted it. Nancy Pelosi wants the whistleblower’s report. But the Intelligence Director Joe Maguire said Bill Barr told him to ignore Congress.

Asking the Ukraine president to investigate his political opponent is collusion, according to legal experts. Mueller smelled collusion with Russia back in 2016, but Mueller stopped short of accusing Trump of collusion. But now that Trump showed the world he’ll win the election any way he can Pelosi thinks it may be time to impeach.

But despite all of Trump’s alleged mobster moves while in the Oval Office Trump thinks he should win a Nobel Peace Prize. The president said the Nobel Prize nomination process is a sham because his presidential accomplishments overshadow Obama’s achievements. Trump’s obsession with Obama knows no boundaries, according to unnamed White House aides.

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