Pence Managed To Piss The Irish And Trump Off At The Same Time

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The stock market likes it when Trump sends a tweet that might keep the economy from falling into negative territory. Mr. Trump’s political life depends on the notion Trump’s tariffs don’t hurt his great economy as well as claiming to build 500 miles of wall in 16 months. Defense Secretary Esper gave the Trumpster $3.6 billion that was for 127 military projects.

The $3.6 billion will build 175 miles of wall. Trump didn’t say where he would get the money to keep his promise. But the Trumpster is a master of financial deceit. According to a recent Mother Jones report, Trump took out a phony loan in order to avoid paying taxes on $50 million in income. According to the article, Trump pulled some illegal maneuvers to get his Chicago Trump Tower built.

The farmers finally got Trump’s message. He decided to screw them twice by running off their number one export partner and then making them pay higher prices for products they need from China because of his tariffs. Farm bankruptcies are up. Trump’s bailout money didn’t get to the small farmers. They had to go belly up while the aftertaste of Trump’s snake oil was fresh on their minds, according to the New York Times.

Boris Johnson wants to act like Trump but he doesn’t have the experience of a true conman, according to the British press. Johnson’s brother left his government after Parliament gave Boris a couple of serious Brexit and election smackdowns. Boris still wants to leave the EU without a signed deal.

Mr. Trump didn’t like Theresa May, but Boris is his kind of man. He offered Boris and the Queen a great trade deal while he acted like the king of America during his Buckingham Palace vacation. Mike Pence stopped by after he stumbled through Poland, Ireland, and Iceland. The Irish think Pence is a dick and Iceland’s not sure why Trump keeps him around, according to the European press.

When Pence got to London, he told Johnson the Trumpster will put a trade deal together right away. But Nancy Pelosi said she won’t agree to bail Boris out if he keeps listening to Trump and Pence.

Congress wants to know why Pence and his entourage stayed at a Trump resort 140 miles away from his meetings in Dublin. His Chief of staff told the press Trump wanted Pence to stay there. But the story changed once Trump blew a nerve gasket. Pence got off easy for acting stupid. Trump had more important things to worry about like tweet-shaming Debra Messing and claiming Alabama was Dorian’s target.

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