Pence Gets Poland’s 5G Business And He Bashes Putin To Seal The Deal

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Tiffany gave her dad a taste of Rumi’s poetry after Trump’s personal assistant Madeleine Westerhout gave reporters an earful of Trumpisms during dinner and drinks in Bedminster, New Jersey. The reporters promised not to go public with the smackdown Mr. Trump gave his daughter Tiffany, but that promise only lasted a week. Mike Mulvaney found out about Westerhout’s inebriated comments, and he told the Trumpster.

Mr. Trump told the press Westerhout resigned for exposing his body-shaming comments. Tiffany let her dad know she knows he can be a dick most of the time and she used the words of Rumi, a 13th-century Sufi mystic to do it.

President Macron threw Mr. Trump a curb ball when he told the press France would give Iran a $15 billion line of credit so they will get paid for shipping oil to Europe and China. That’s half the amount of money they would receive from oil shipments, but it was enough of an incentive not to break the 2015 nuclear deal. Iran’s leaders also said they won’t hold bilateral talks with Mr. Trump. But they will talk to Trump if other members of the nuclear deal participate in the nuclear discussions.

China wants the World Trade Organization to stop Trump’s tariff war. China lodged a formal complaint against Trump. But it could take years for the WTO to rule on the case.

Japan wants Trump to talk to Kim Jon Un about his missile-firing addiction. Prime Minister Abe told the press Kim’s recent missile-firing episodes prove North Korea has the ability to break through Japan’s and South Korea’s defense systems. Mr. Trump thinks Kim just wants more press attention. Trump still claims he’ll meet with Kim, but the date of that meeting is still a mystery.

Mr. Trump’s new round of tariffs will cost American consumers $1,000 this year. The U.S. economy isn’t as strong as Trump claims it is, according to MarketWatch. Most economists think this latest round of tariffs has recession written all over them. But Trump says that’s fake news.

Mike Pence took Trump’s place when the president thought Mar-a-Lago was Hurricane Dorian’s main target. The Poles weren’t happy to see Pence, but he did manage to take Poland’s 5G business away from Huawei. Mr. Pence slammed Russia to satisfy the Polish president, but he didn’t score points with Trump after he said Putin sucks. Trump and Putin are brothers from different mothers, according to the New York Times.

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