Mr. Trump Tells North Carolina Democrats Don’t Believe In Religion

Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump told the press she’s on her way to Alabama to spread a little Trumpian snake oil while he tries to act presidential. Ivanka will attend the Robotics Technology Park for a workforce development announcement. The jokes about her trip to Alabama filled the Twitter feed. Mr. Trump’s claim Hurricane Dorian would hit Alabama is still a sore spot with the National Weather Service.

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross wants to know why NOAA backed Trump’s claim that Dorian’s fierce winds would hit Alabama. A loyal Trumpian who works for NOAA told the press Trump was right even though the scientists at the National Weather Service told the press Trump needs medication if he still thinks Dorian would hit Alabama.

Rudy Giuliani had to get out of bed when he got the news Congress wants to bring him down. Rudy protected Trump when Mueller tried to interview Trump. And he continued to spew weird comments about the Mueller investigation until Attorney General Bill Barr stepped in, and told the world Trump didn’t do all the things Mueller said he did in his report.

Jerry Nadler, the chair of the Judiciary Committee, got a copy of the unredacted Mueller report so he knows Trump willingly accepted help from Russia in order to win the election. Nadler sent Trump’s attorneys a report that outlines Trump’s attempt to allow a foreign government to influence an American election. Nadler didn’t call the report the beginning of an impeachment inquiry, but according to the New York Times, the report outlines the evidence Nadler has to start impeachment proceedings.

Trump told the press his tariffs definitely do a number on China’s economy. The president said China wants to talk because the country’s manufacturing sector is in trouble and China has too much national debt. But the Chinese claim they told Trump’s team of negotiators they would start buying soybeans and corn again if Trump’s lifts the ban on Huawei, and he doesn’t impose additional tariffs in December. Trump hasn’t given China an answer. Trump claims the Chinese will meet with Lighthizer and Mnuchin in October, but the Chinese won’t set a date until Trump makes some concessions, according to the Washington Post.

The special election in North Carolina gave Trump a chance to bash the Democrats. Trump told the crowd Democrats don’t believe in religion, and they want to keep the borders open so his imaginary bad guys can come in and wreak havoc on the United States. Trump also told the press he won’t let Bahamians in the country because most Dorian survivors are gang members, drug addicts, and Democrats.

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