Here’s How To Reduce The United States’ Environmental Impact

Eco-Friendly, The Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution brought many things to people all around the world. If it weren’t for modern business practices that have been developed over the past two centuries, we wouldn’t have great things like store shelves stocked fully and lined up neatly as far as the eye can see.

Arguably the worst downside to these benefits is the gross ecological footprint that we’ve left on the environment as humans.

Have you noticed litter in your neighborhood or on the side of roads? Humans are the only organism on planet Earth that’s to blame for such widespread pollution.

The United States is known for having the strongest economy on planet Earth. For years, politicians and business people atop the United States government and U.S.-based businesses, respectively, have claimed that environmental regulations would stifle the economy to a harsh degree, likely knocking the United States out of contention for the spot as the world’s greatest economic power. Unfortunately, this simply isn’t true.

Although environment-friendly regulations would unarguably have some effect on the economy of the United States and the businesses that call the United States home, there are several ways to reduce the impact that the United States and its businesses have on the environment. Here are a few of them.

Declaring a National Emergency

In the United States, the president is capable of declaring a national emergency. Once declared, the president – in this case, President Donald Trump – is able to quickly reallocate funds and enact legislation to respond to the crisis at hand. Declaring a national emergency on the amount of damage we’re doing to the environment would be a solid way to reduce the United States’ impact on the environment.

Roll Out Green Light Bulbs Extensively

Green light bulbs aren’t those that emit green colors. Rather, they’re those that are efficient with their use of energy. Rolling out legislation that requires businesses and citizens alike to embrace green light bulbs would be a good way to reduce the use of energy.

Keep in mind that the creation of energy, such as electricity, has a negative impact on the environment using methods that are currently popular.

Embrace the Clean Power Plan

President Trump has since done away with the Obama-era legislation, though going back to the Clean Power Plan would certainly reduce the United States’ impact on planet Earth’s environment by requiring states to adhere to standards related to the reduction of carbon emissions.

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