Giuliani Stirred Some Biden Poop Up And Zelenskiy Bows In Front Of Trump

Volodymyr Zelensky

President Xi told Trump to drop the sanctions and he will make American farmers happy again. Mr. Xi sent a delegation of thirty people to Washington to set the stage for the trade talk in October. All thirty people planned to visit Omaha and Montana after the Washington meeting. They wanted to tell American farmers they have the remedy for Trump’s snake oil.

The Chinese told Trump they would buy more soybeans and other farm products this year and next if he would drop the extra tariffs. But Trump told the press he can wait and deal with Xi after the election. That news made the thirty Chinese officials canceled their farm trips and go home, according to the Washington Post.

Wall Street knows the stock market reacts to every tweet Trump sends. Trash-talking Jerome Powell for not cutting interest rates to zero hurt consumer confidence. Consumer spending is a rock star when it comes to Gross Domestic Product growth. Consumer spending has to stay strong through the holidays or year-end GDP growth figures will be recession worthy, according to Market Watch.

Iran let Trump know they will continue to burn oil fields that make him money if he doesn’t drop the sanctions. Europe wants Trump to drop the sanctions. Macron offered Iran a line-of-credit so the country’s oil cash flow doesn’t dry up.

Mr. Trump thought bully Iran into a new nuclear deal that forced them to renounced elements of their religious family would work. But Iran takes what Trump throws at them and the country stands firm in its desire to throw Trump and Pompeo’s butts out of the Middle East.
The Ukraine story started with a whistleblower’s report about a conversation Trump had with a foreign leader. The snitch told Congressman Adam Schiff Joe Maguire won’t let him share his report because Bill Barr stepped in, according to the Washington Post. Schiff went ballistic and let the press know Trump did what he said he would. Trump asked Zelenskiy to dig up dirt on Joe Biden

Mr. Trump took the story and turned into a story about Joe Biden’s dirty dealings with Ukraine while he was second-in-command. Biden claims Trump’s full-of-it. But just the notion that Biden squeezed Ukraine, so a prosecutor got the ax may be why Zelenskiy’s office said any investigation in Ukraine will be transparent.

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