Some Doctors Are Now Seeing Addiction To Technology As A Growing Societal Issue

Addiction To Technology

While the Internet is home to an array of online attractions that can be quite useful, these same websites, games, programs and applications can also be addictive to some people.

In a current opinion article on the Philadelphia Inquirer website, the authors aim to bring attention to the growing issue of technological addictions. Each of the article’s two authors is active in the field of psychiatry in New Jersey.

The authors make the point that although society is aware of the risks of technological addictions, there are no real types of efforts being made to limit or cut back on technological innovation or usage.

With sites and games now designed to be “liked” by users, their basic designs make it easy for people to spend increasingly large amounts of time utilizing them.

Although the issue of technology addiction involves a relatively small segment of the population, the authors of the article feel that it needs to be addressed now.

Addiction to technology is now affecting users of all ages. Some people become hooked on surfing the web or playing video games, and others find themselves spending too much time shopping or gambling online. There are still others who email excessively, or develop a dependence on online pornography.

According to the article’s authors, these online attractions have the potential of being just as addictive as heroin, cocaine, alcohol or tobacco.

For people who do develop a technology-related addiction, the doctors recommend that they see a psychologist or psychiatrist. A medical professional may be able to identify and treat any co-existing conditions that are connected to the addiction.

The authors of this opinion article have treated many people who have been affected by technological addictions. It is their belief that these addictions need to be professionally recognized as actual disorders, and be treated as such.

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