Academy of Art Designers Prepare to Shine at New York Fashion Week Graduate Show


It’s that time of year again, and the 2019 New York Fashion Week Graduate Show is almost here! Each year at this exclusive showcase, select Academy of Art University graduates from the School of Fashion reveal their unique creations before hundreds of guests that include fashion influencers, members of the fashion industry, and the international press.

This year’s event is Sunday, September 8, 2019, from 5-6PM eastern time, at Skylight on Vesey in New York, New York. Seating at this venue is limited and demand is always at a premium. Follow this link to claim your seats for this incredible fashion event. Those unable to attend the live event can watch via Livestream on the Academy New York Fashion Week Graduate Show web page.

Meet the Designers 

Each designer will present an amazing collection of original creations, stemming from their own Academy training, personal tastes, and unique backgrounds. Below is a brief profile of the designers’ work that will be featured at this year’s show.

Christopher Cabalona, BFA Fashion Design 

Christopher was a 2018 CFDA Scholarship Award finalist and chose ‘happiness during dark times’ as sort of a guiding theme for his designs that boldly redefine classic male attire. He incorporated metal hardware like turn locks, purse closures, and clasps in various pieces, like beige cropped jackets, bell bottom pants, tail-coat vests, and jumpers.

Mariana Gorey, MFA Fashion Design

Mariana’s nine-look womenswear collection is inspired by the memories of her schooling in France while struggling with dyslexia, and the creative approach of the American painter, sculptor, and photographer Cy Twombly.

Chelsea Grays, MFA Fashion Design, Menswear

Chelsea was inspired by the unique homeless culture found on the streets of the Tenderloin in San Francisco. Her undergraduate studies in psychology provided the ability to transform conceptual inspiration into mixed media garments. She was intrigued and guided by the distinctive way homeless people combined fabrics and garments together, in very contrasting formations.

Qing Guo, MFA Fashion Design

Qing pays homage to her Chinese heritage in her collection. It symbolizes her participation in The Mid-Autumn Festival and The Lantern Festival for over 18 years. Her unique collection of menswear balances functionality and showmanship with a distinct Asian flair.

Ying Jin, MFA Fashion Design

The Western saddle, the point of connection between the rider and the horse, with its texture and structure, became the guiding light of Ying’s design process. The confident little girl and her courage on top of the horse remained her muse for this graduate collection. Her sophisticated line of garments reflects bravery and confidence.

 Hanbit Ku, MFA Fashion Design

Women and their uphill battle for respect is Hanbit’s motivation for her graduate line. For her, what women wear can be a language through which they present themselves to society. She uses her line of clothing to give women the creative vocabulary they need to express their true selves.

Yi Pan, MFA Fashion Design

Yi’s breathtaking collection pulls inspiration from a dark cyberpunk animation film. It epitomizes the struggle of how we are perceived by others, that stem from our dress, relationships, and unique living choices. Dark and unconforming may be the theme, but this collection is anything but boring and judgmental.

 Abby Yang, MFA Fashion Design

One day Abby realized that the hands are the most expressive part of the human body. Understanding how a person expresses themselves can be enhanced by watching their hand movements. The shapes and motions of the human hand lend the inspiration for this vital and imaginative collection.

Mingyang Zhang, BFA Knitwear Design, and Yue Shen, MFA Fashion Design

This collaboration explores the transformation of women, highlighting courageous fragility and strong vulnerability. Refined images and 3D shapes draw influence from the abstract expressionist style of John Chamberlain’s sculptures and organic shapes of Alexander Archipenko’s paintings.

Yaryna Zhuk, MFA Fashion Design

Sustainability and the myth of a fern flower in her native country of Ukraine provide a stirring inspiration for Yaryna’s collection of swirling and draping original fabrics. She constructed her own textiles for the collection, minimizing waste and maximizing wear.

Begin Your Fashion Career at Academy of Art University

The Academy of Art University’s School of Fashion offers degree options that span the entire spectrum of fashion career opportunities. The hands-on curriculum covers every aspect of the creative process and teaches students to turn fashion concepts into relevant, responsible, and beautiful work. Whether you are interested in designing and styling garments or developing fashion brands and products—you will gain a thorough knowledge of the fashion industry as you prepare to become a part of it.


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