White Evangelicals Still Love Trump Despite Being A Racist

Gun Control Legislation, NRA membership cards

NRA board members feel the heat from the recent violence in El Paso and Dayton. Over the last two weeks, four board members turned in their NRA membership cards with giving a reason for their departure. The NRA is under fire for lobbying against any kind of gun control and background checks. That stance goes against what most Americans want. Gun control legislation is long overdue, according to the Democrats, and the people whose lives changed from the gun violence that plagues this country, according to the Washington Post.

Senate leader Mitch McConnell told the press he would address gun control legislation once his shoulder heals, and the heat dies down from his attempt to block two Congressional gun control bills for the last six months. Trump and Mitch are NRA lovers so passing legislation that has an impact on assault weapons and ramps up background checks is still a question mark, according to the Post.

Anthony Scaramucci is Trump’s latest fanboy to jump the Trumpian ship. Scaramucci was White House communication director for 11 days and Trump’s social circle friend for several years. Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus didn’t think Scaramucci fit in, so they tried to fire him, but Trump gave him the communication job, anyway. But when Anthony found out how dysfunctional the White House was during those 11 days, he resigned.

Trump threw Scaramucci under his abusive Twitter bus after Anthony told the press Trump’s El Paso visit was a fiasco. Scaramucci said all Trump wanted to do was bash the Democrats and act popular during his hospital visit. Most of the victims didn’t want to talk to Trump, so he found a random Latino couple, and they stood next to him and Melania for a White House inspired photo-op. The first lady held an orphaned baby to show El Paso the Trumpster cared about the people he abuses on a regular basis. Scaramucci said Trump has no business being president even though he supported Trump until he went to El Paso.

Mr. Trump called Hollywood racist. That’s part of Trump’s deflection strategy according to the New York Times. Trump is a racist but white evangelicals still believe in him. Trump continues to step all over the constitution, but Mike Pence and most evangelical Christians want Trump to represent them on the world stage. But some Pence lovers think Trump’s language at campaign rallies goes against their Christian values, so a large number of evangelicals plan to stay home during the 2020 election, according to the Insider.

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