Trump Withdraws His Spy Chief Nomination

Hatch Act, Kellyanne Conway, Spy Chief Nomination

Kellyanne Conway can’t help herself when it comes to violating the Hatch Act. Conway tried to defend Trump when former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley said Trump’s remarks about the Elijah Cummings robbery were unnecessary. At the end of her shady Haley tweet, Conway added “Trump-Pence 2020.” Those words violated the Hatch Act.

Mr. Trump refuses to fire Conway even though a DOJ inspector general recommended Trump kick her to the curb. Trump likes having Conway around. Her husband, Washington George Conway is one of Trump’s most outspoken critics, but Kellyanne is a loyal Trumpian as well as a Pence backer.

The Chinese are ready to show Trump what they can do to the U.S. economy if Trump puts additional tariffs in play. Mr. Trump said he would add a 10 percent tariff to the existing tariffs on all Chinese exports. The president claims China will pay the additional tariff costs.

Tariffs are part of the cost companies pay when they buy Chinese products. Those companies will either pay the tariffs and absorbed the added cost, or they will pass part or all of the cost of the tariffs to American consumers, according to the New York Times.

Some American companies will buy similar products from other countries, and that hurts China. But the pain of lost business is not as great as the pain American consumers will experience, according to the Times.

The Feds cut interest rates at the July meeting, but that cut may not be enough to stimulate Trump’s shaky economy, according to the Washington Post. Jerome Powell said the rate cut was a midcycle adjustment. But Powell said that before Trump announced his new tariff plan. The Chinese won’t sign a trade deal that includes keeping tariffs in place. And they refuse to let Trump dictate how they treat Chinese businesses like Huawei. Mr. Trump claims Huawei is an arm of the Chinese government, and they steal tech secrets. But China’s tech sector is well ahead of the U.S. tech sector in the 5G race.

John Ratcliffe, the Texas Congressman, who lied about his dealings with terrorist when he was a Texas prosecutor is no longer Trump’s pick as the nation’s spy chief. Mr. Ratcliffe is not qualified for the job, but Trump initially said that didn’t matter because he would run things once Ratcliffe got Congressional approval. But when the news about Ratcliffe’s past hit the press, Trump pulled his name from consideration.

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