Trump Gets His Tax Cut Money Back By Sticking His Tariff Weapon Up America’s Backside

Tariff Weapon

Anthony Scaramucci wants to round up a few ex-Trumpians and stir the economic pot Trump’s put himself in. The White House had a swinging door installed when Trump moved his Big Mac butt to Washington. Not all former cabinets members left their cabinet posts because they were criminals. Some high powered political Trump appointee’s turned and ran for the door when they realized the real estate tycoon was used to crossing legal lines and doing shady deals.

Scaramucci had an awakening after Trump showed how despicable he can be during a horrendous loss. Tony realized Trump has mental issues and should be auditioning for the lead in the One Flew Over The Coo-Coo Nest remake, according to a New York Times article. There are cracks in the thin-skinned legion of Republican senators. The racist nametag doesn’t play well during election season, and the fact that Trump’s tariffs and sanctions disrupted international trade markets shook some senators awake.

Gross Domestic Product growth is the sum of consumer spending, business investments, government spending, and trade. U.S. Gross Domestic Product growth was 3.2 percent at the end of 2018. GDP growth was 2.1 percent at the end of June. Economists claim third-quarter growth will be 1.8 percent, but that percentage will drop if Trump imposes additional tariffs on all Chinese products. And Trump is about to put a plug in the fast-growing consumer market.

A recession is two-quarters of negative growth. Larry Kudlow, one of Trump’s economic advisors, said he doesn’t see signs of a recession even though the ingredients that produce a recession are in motion. Slow manufacturing, consumer fears, sinking trade numbers are all ingredients of a recession. Kudlow obviously got his economics degree from Trump University, according to the Washington Post.

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross threw his lifeline into Trump’s swamp when he told the press he doesn’t see a recession coming. But according to Times, Wilbur tends to nap a lot during international commerce meetings.

But the biggest losers in Trump’s tariff and sanction wars are millions of Americans. They will pay on average $1,000 per household so Trump can tariff and sanction-bone the rest of the world until he can cut a deal he likes. That means a deal where he claims a win and gets all the credit.

Trump voters don’t know the financial pain he let loose on them by disrupting international trade and financial markets. And they won’t know if Trump keeps throwing distractions their way like telling the world he wants to buy Greenland and then bashing Denmark’s prime minister for telling him he’s absurd.

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