How Ryan Seacrest Shares His Passion for Helping People.

Six Times Ryan Seacrest Proved He Has the Biggest Heart

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Ryan Seacrest has many jobs and projects: from hosting American Idol and Live with Kelly and Ryan to being the founder of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation and creating clothing line for men called Distinction. Seacrest proved that with enough ambition, talent, and devotion, you can really have it all.

But when it comes to celebrities, people usually think they are blinded by fame and only interested in making even more money. This is not the case with Ryan Seacrest.

Ryan Seacrest has proved many times he is one of the biggest sweethearts in Hollywood. And because there were so many situations when he showed us he has the biggest heart, we decided to choose only the most recent ones.

Here are the most recent situations when Ryan Seacrest showed us how much he cares.


When He Reunited with Giuliana Rancic

Ryan Seacrest has always been a great co-host, especially when it comes to strong and talented women such as Giuliana Rancic. Rancic was promoted to an anchor role in 2005, and she shared hosting roles with Seacrest and Terrence J.

“Returning to host E! News is every bit as thrilling to me today as it was 16 years ago when I joined the show and embarked on this wonderful career,” said Giuliana, adding, “co-hosting alongside one of my best friends, Jason Kennedy, with one of the most talented teams in entertainment journalism, makes this move even more special. I can’t wait to reconnect with the E! News audience and go on this journey together once again.”

Besides her many fans, Ryan Seacrest was especially happy when he heard Giuliana is coming back to E!. To celebrate her big return, Ryan joined a Skype reunion with Kennedy.

“Someone I love and you love, who is very busy, wanted to say hello,” Jason said. “Let’s bring this person up via Skype.” When Giuliana closed her eyes, Jason asked Ryan to say something and Rancic had to guess whose voice it was. “Alright, my voice is disguised right now,” Ryan said. Giuliana recognized the voice right away and jokingly asked: “Okay, if this is a disguise, is this George Clooney pretending to be Ryan Seacrest?”

It was clear that both Giuliana and Seacrest were happy to see each other again.  “I am so happy to see you back there in that seat,” Ryan said. “I miss you, Ryan,” Giuliana responded. “I’ve been gone for three years and it’s good to be back. I always missed you guys.” she concluded.

But Ryan decided to share his feelings about how much he loved working with Rancic. “You were a big reason why I wanted to be on E! News for so many years. Thank you for coming back and I want you to know how special that time was that we had together while doing the show on E! News,” Ryan said. How sweet is this?

Ryan did everything to make Giuliana feel welcome. Despite her time away, Rancic always remained a part of E!’s family and Seacrest made sure she never forgets it.


When He Reconnected Man Who Was Buried Alive and Woman who Saved Him

Matthew Christian Walker was a newborn baby when a woman found him buried alive in the foothills of Altadena, California in 1998. Decades later, Ryan Seacrest helped reunite Matthew and the woman who saved him.

Azita Milanian always wondered what happened to the boy after he successfully recovered at a Pasadena hospital. When the mother of one of Whitaker’s friends wrote to the KIIS FM and told his story, she asked for a 23andMe DNA kit so he could learn more about his ancestry.

Twenty years after Azita saved Matthew, or Christian, as she calls him, Ryan decided to share his story on his radio show, On Air With Ryan Seacrest,

When she saw Matthew, Azita started crying. “I was waiting for you. 20 years,” Azita said while hugging him. Matthew called her an angel.

“I was in the car with my Godmom and she was like, ‘Has anyone ever told you the true story of how you were found?’ And I was like, ‘No’ and she was like, ‘Legend has it …’ and then she told me the story and I was just in awe and then I went home and did research and then I started telling everyone because I felt so cool that I survived the impossible,” Matthew said.

“You’re exactly what I’ve imagined. I guessed your size, everything. Thank you for coming into my life, you changed my life… I knew we were going to connect again,” Azita said. “The day I met him he confirmed my faith… God brought us together for a purpose,” Azita said through tears.

Azita also shared the full story of how she found Whitaker on a Saturday night when she was invited to go dancing, but she changed her mind at the last minute and went running.

“I was going to run 20 minutes and suddenly I felt like I was going to be sick like someone was choking me or throwing up, and I think it was exactly 10 to 15 minutes before that they were burying Matthew,” she recalled.

“I went there and heard a noise and… Tango [her dog] was standing exactly over his head and I was saying, ‘Come on, let’s go! What are you looking at?’ And they wouldn’t move and I’m screaming at them and it was a bunch of bushes and suddenly Christian’s feet came out of the ground in front of my feet and I didn’t know it was his feet… So I dragged my dogs to go to the car and put the dogs in the car and God told me you have to go back and I went back and I was standing far away and I’m screaming loud, ‘God what is this? What is this? It’s like a human baby’s feet’ And he started crying and I moved the bushes and I opened the towel and I saw the umbilical cord attached,” Azita explained.

Everyone who was listening to Ryan Seacrest’s show that day was speechless. After she found the baby, she ran to the car to dial 911. The ambulance arrived 30 minutes later, but baby Matthew was strong.

“He was in my arm holding me,” she said. “He grabbed my wrist like this and he wouldn’t let go… He was so strong. He was so strong-willed. We are both Tauruses — stubborn. Nobody can get rid of us!”

At the end of the radio interview, Matthew told Azita how grateful he was and invited her to attend his forthcoming graduation from the University of Arizona. Besides reuniting Azita and Matthew, Seacrest also shared a lovely story about love and hope that inspired so many people who were listening.


When He Founded the Ryan Seacrest Foundation

While the Ryan Seacrest Foundation wasn’t founded recently, it deserves to be on this list because it definitely shows how big Ryan’s heart is.

The Ryan Seacrest Foundation is built on the idea that kids need to be entertained while they’re staying at the hospital. These kids need to be themselves and be happy, especially because they are going through a tough time.

“The Ryan Seacrest Foundation does a beautiful thing for the kids in Philly’s Children’s Hospital. Kids that are being treated at the hospital get to be themselves, express their dreams and voices, and have something fun to look forward to so they don’t feel defined by what’s going on in their lives at this moment,” Camila Cabello wrote in the caption on Instagram while visiting the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Making children smile is one of the most significant tasks in the world. Ryan Seacrest and Camila Cabello successfully achieved this goal. During the visit, Ryan took Cabello to Seacrest Studios, the broadcast media center at the hospital in the City of Brotherly Love. Once again, Ryan Seacrest used his popularity to bring joy to kid’s lives.

The Ryan Seacrest Foundation or RSF is a non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring children through entertainment and education focused initiatives. The Foundation’s first initiative was to build broadcast media centers, named Seacrest Studios.

These studios were built within pediatric hospitals for patients to explore the radio, television and new media. The goal of The Ryan Seacrest Foundation is to contribute positively to the healing process for children and their families during their stay at the hospital.

Furthermore, the Ryan Seacrest Foundation is reaching out to the community and involving more students from local journalism schools. The foundation also gives students a chance to obtain the first-hand experience in broadcasting, programming, and operating a multimedia center.

Besides Cabello, many high-profile celebrities have visited children, including Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Nick Jonas, Carrie Underwood, Shawn Mendes, Britney Spears, and Usher.


When He Was Ambassador for #ChooseKindness Campaign

Ryan Seacrest was one of the stars who actively encouraged viewers to #ChooseKindness through their personal testimonials and videos. The goal of this campaign is to reinforce the importance of being kind.

Now in its sixth year, #ChooseKindnessfocuses on inspiring kids and families to put an end to bullying in their communities and online.

ABC, FreeForm and Disney Channel roll out a series of customized public service announcements with fan favorite stars that call on audiences to celebrate their differences, support love and choose kindness over negativity. Last October, Ryan Seacrest and Carrie Underwood were the primary ambassadors for the campaign.

“We are extremely proud to once again partner with Disney/ABC Television on this year’s #ChooseKindness campaign for National Bullying Prevention Month,” said Eliza Byard, GLSEN executive director and added, “their invaluable dedication to this cause within its programming, through its talent and more continues to be an inspiring example for young viewers everywhere. As a national education organization working to create safe and inclusive K-12 schools for LGBTQ youth, GLSEN has seen firsthand what happens when students stand up against bullying- as happened just last week in thousands of schools nationwide during GLSEN’s Ally Week. When young people are encouraged to choose kindness, respect and taught how to be allies for one another, school becomes a safer and more welcoming environment in which all students can fully reach their academic potential.”


When He Surprised Kelly Ripa for Her Birthday

Ryan Seacrest is definitely the best co-host ever. Nothing could stop Seacrest from organizing a birthday celebration for Kelly – not even during the early start of the Live show!

For her 48th birthday, Ripawas presented with a huge birthday cake which Seacrest and her “Live with Kelly and Ryan” crew declared to be the world’s largest peanut butter and jelly sandwich birthday cake!

The massive cake shaped like a PB&J sandwich was created with a lot of love by Brooklyn based chef Michael Lechowicz from Charlotte Patisserie. This was a pound cake with peanut butter and strawberry jelly in the middle and served with two big glasses of milk!

“I spent the whole year hearing about Kelly having PB&J in her bed,” Ryan Seacrest said and added, “You are a blessing to us and everybody watching.”

Ryan Seacrest also made sure to mention Ripa on his Instagram page. The “American Idol” host posted a photo of two of them and the birthday cake from that morning and captioned it with lovely words “Oh sweetie… did you think I wasn’t going to do a bday shoutout? Happy bday to my work wife, a true friend, and our fearless leader in the fight against internet trolls, @kellyripa!”


He Keeps Fighting for a Good Cause

Ryan Seacrest is always there to support a good cause. Seacrest, Josh Duhamel, and singer Joe Jonas have partnered with the #EndGunViolenceTogether campaign. The campaign was launched on November 19 after the tragic shooting at the Borderline Grill in Thousand Oaks, California, and it quickly gained support from country music stars who want everyone to know that their fans are directly influenced by the lack of legislation.

Besides Seacrest, the campaign was supported by companies too. One of these companies was TOMS shoe company. In just under ten days, TOMS has helped over 600,000 US citizens send postcards to their elected officials calling for universal background checks for gun purchases.

These are not the only organizations Ryan Seacrest is supporting. In 2015, Variety named Ryan Philanthropist of the Year. The main reason was his nonprofit, charitable organization, the Ryan Seacrest Foundation.

“I asked the parents what they could use to help them get through what they were going through, and more often than not, the answer was, they needed something to do,” Seacrest said “Their hospital stays were often extensive — a week, a month, a year — and their kids were bored and restless.”

Seacrest also supports small family businesses. He recently spoke to the co-founder of favorite Siete chips, Veronica Garza. Seacrest loved the chips so much, he connected with one of his favorite snack creators on his show, On Air With Ryan Seacrest.

“You’ve changed my life,” Ryan was honest with Veronica.“I just want you to know a year ago I discovered your chips… And I’m like ‘These are good! How can hey be as healthy as it says?’ So I read the back and then I see a picture of your family and the story of your family and I fell more in love with the product and now I take these chips into restaurants and ask permission instead of the greasy chips… I travel with them!”

Veronica’s family created the brand after she adopted a grain-free and low-inflammation diet in order to alleviate and manage symptoms that resulted from multiple autoimmune disorders.

The products are all paleo, grain-free, non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and vegan. “My family and I started this business in 2014 and really it came about from one product that I had started making really just to solve a problem,” Veronica said.

“I have multiple autoimmune conditions that I was diagnosed with when I was 17 years old and… I had changed my diet to remove a lot of things that were causing inflammation… But the cool thing about it that made it easier for me to do was my whole family started eating that way with me,” she continued of her family of seven, hence the name Siete.

Thanks to Ryan Seacrest, his listeners were able to hear the story behind this lovely story about a family who stick together through illness and created something good during that journey.

Besides RSF, Seacrest is also supporting other charities, including Clothes Off Our Back, Dogs in Danger,, Red Cross, LA’s Promise, Keep A Child Alive, Elton John AIDS Foundation, and many others.

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