Putin Calls Dictatorship Rules On Google’s Protest Videos

Anthony Scaramucci, Google’s Protest

Anthony Scaramucci is the latest former government employee to wake up and realize Trump is a conman and criminal. Scaramucci told the press Trump was in the same social circles in New York, and they became friends. Trump promised Scaramucci a big job once he won the election, but Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus didn’t want Anthony in the White House. But Trump made him communication director, anyway.

Scaramucci lasted 11 days in the job. Anthony jumped into the Trumpian swamp, and the conservative gators ran him off, according to the New York Times. But the investment banker and former Celebrity Big Brother star still thought the Trumpster was a good president. But Mr. Trump’s racist performance made Anthony realize Trump is an illegitimate president.

The global supply chain took a major hit when Trump imposed sanctions on Iran, and tariffs on Europe, and China’s exports. Brazilian economists say their country is on the verge of another recession, and Europe is too, according to European reports. U.S. economic growth slipped to 1.8 percent in the second quarter. If Trump imposes additional tariffs on all Chinese exports, that growth will disappear in the fourth quarter.

Mitch McConnell doesn’t care about gun control legislation. But he does care about his relationship with Donald Trump. Mitch decided to go “all-in” with Trump when he stuffed two Congressional gun-control bills in his return-to-sender folder. Mitch is an NRA ass kisser and a Trump bootlicker, according to the Democrats. But Mitch said the Democrats can’t get their act together. He called the Democrats McCarthy-lovers. McCarthy was that conservative mid-century senator who claimed liberals were communists

Putin wants Google to take down the video that shows tens of thousands of Russians calling for a legitimate election. Putin likes to stack the election deck in his favor. Trump and Putin have a lot in common when it comes to being dictators. The only difference is the Russians know Putin is a dictator. Some Americans still think Trump wants to keep democracy alive.

President Trump is after Google. He claims Google is too liberal. Trump claims Google has a hard-on for conservatives. Trump wants to turn the legislation heat up on Google unless they abide by his edicts.

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